Interactive: Weather forecast for your area in the year 2100

By web gangsta | Published:

There is one common denominator in most small talk conversations: “HOW’S THE WEATHER WHERE YOU ARE?

Why is the weather such a topic of discussion? Because it’s safe. Everyone has an opinion on it, and you can’t argue whether someone’s wrong.  If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour – it’ll likely change.

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But weather changing in an hour? That’s going to be negligible.

What about what the WEATHER WILL BE LIKE IN THE YEAR 2100?  That’s a little bit more interesting.

We are fairly certain that we won’t be around in 2100 to experience what global climate change is bringing us to. But we can certainly feel how things have been going in recent years.  Less snow, more rain, mild winters… the weather is definitely changing.

And it’s only going to get worse, SNOWPIERCER be damned.

And according to the interactive map linked above, you better like living in Texas today… cause that’s what it’s going to be like living pretty much anywhere in the US in the year 2100.

Northern states should expect their summer temperatures to rise anywhere from 11-21 degrees on average.  Summer vacations in Montana will be a balmy 91.  Orlando? A pretty average 97 degrees in the year 2100… not much different than it is today.

Seattle may be the big winner here.  Summers will only be in the mid 80’s.  Sweet!