No surprise: men interrupt conversations more than women do

By web gangsta | Published:

Ever have a conversation with a man?

How hard is it to get a word in edgewise with them?  Pretty darn tough, isn’t it?  It’s surprising that men can even have a conversation with other men at all, isn’t it?

Interrupting Chicken
Interrupting Chicken


And we mean A LOT.

What’s a lot?  Men interrupt women almost three times more often than women interrupt men in conversations.

Worse than this is that there is gender divide when looking at who does interrupting the most.  Men had no problem interrupting other men or women. Women also had no trouble interrupting other women.

But women will tend to not interrupt men very often, if at all.

That’s not right.

Why would women feel that the couldn’t interrupt a man’s conversation, but both men and women have no trouble interrupting women?

What do you think?  What could be done to switch this statistic around so women feel comfortable interrupting whoever they would like?  Why shuold men have all the conversational power?