The Most Expensive Dessert in the World

By web gangsta | Published:

Ordering dessert at a restaurant is sometimes a fool’s errand.

$6 for a scoop of ice cream that you can buy by the carton at the supermarket for $4? A “molten lava cake”? They’re not that hard to make if the contestants on FOOD NETWORK’S WORST COOKS IN AMERICA can make one.

So it’s no wonder that restaurant desserts have some of the highest markup of almost anything on the menu.  And no wonder why many restaurants think nothing of serving up a giant slice of chocolate cake for free on your birthday.

MARRY ME White Ceramic Letter Candy Dish
MARRY ME White Ceramic Letter Candy Dish

But sometimes the dessert IS the thing.  You sometimes run across something that you know just isn’t available anywhere else.

So if $6 is paltry spending for you and you want something that’s just a little bit more elaborate, perhaps you should check out THE MOST EXPENSIVE DESSERT IN THE WORLD: the $1.4 million STRAWBERRIES ARNAUD served in New Orleans.

What makes this dessert so special?  It’s not the strawberries, if you couldn’t guess.

It’s the 4.7 caret diamond ring and accompanying jazz band that makes up the bulk of the cost of this extravagance.

Sure, it’s not something you’d order more than once, but that one time — wouldn’t it be nice to tell your friends, “oh yes, we did that already.  Old news, chum.” for a change?