What would you do for a dollar?

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What would you do for a dollar?

It’s a fair question.  Web Watch has offered $1 to many friends when they said they’d do “anything for money”.  Apparently, it seems, a single dollar was not what they had in mind when they made the offer.

We say that if you’re going to offer to do anything for money, you should definitely lower your expectation of what dollar amount is going to be offered to you.  What you think you’re worth may not be the same as what others believe.

Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank

So now that you have that precious dollar, no matter how you obtain it – the bigger question is WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A DOLLAR as an investment vehicle?

There aren’t many stocks or mutual funds that you can buy for a dollar, and interest rates aren’t worth putting the dollar in a single bank account to watch it grow.  As Kevin O’Leary often says, “money likes making money”, so you’ll need to pair that buck up with another buck to double-down on earnings.

But everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s the kind of advice that 24 different people offered on what THEY would do with a dollar in order to gain something for yourself later.

Some of the advice offered includes:

  • Buy some perennial fruit or vegetable seeds – you’ll grow your own food
  • Buy a cup of coffee for an advisor, mentor and pick their brain for career or life advice
  • Tip local artists or vendors. It gives back to the community
  • Buy a newspaper

What would YOU do with a dollar as an investment for the future?  Leave your suggestions below: