Rules for Digital Flirting

By web gangsta | Published:

Sexting and other technological advances in today’s dating world have come a long way from dating rituals of yesteryear.

It was only a few short years ago when “can I have your pager number” went by the wayside for a more direct communication method – and even calling someone on their cellphone is slowly fading away into obscurity.

Where’s everyone’s manners, these days?

Flirting Dos and Don'ts
Flirting Do’s and Don’ts

Maybe it’s about time that today’s teens (and a few adults, we’re sure) take a few minutes to read the DIGITAL DATING RULES, as outlined by a new dating app that was developed by college students — the age group that would know the best way to do things digitally:

  • DO NOT use informal spelling or “funky” abbreviations in your sexting flirts. This has been ruled the #1 turnoff when it comes to digital flirtation

Also on the “DO NOT DO THIS” LIST were:

  • Using multiple exclamation points!!!!!!
  • poor punctuation, and grammer.  and spelling (as noted by at least one example word in this bullet point – let’s see if you can guess which one it is)
  • using all lower-case OR ALL UPPER-CASE words.
  • Using stupid acronyms that nobody cares about. IKR?

So what should you do?

Be cute with your emoticons.  But use them sparingly rather than try to compose entire sentences with emoji.  That’s just silly.