Drinking milk can kill you, and it’s not because you’re lactose intolerant

By web gangsta | Published:

Talk about the ultimate “brain freeze”!

There have been many people who have said that “man was never intended to drink cow’s milk, unless man wanted to be as fat as a calf”. For those people, human milk is the only kind to have.

And maybe – just maybe, they’ve been right all along.


There’s a recent STUDY FROM SWEDEN THAT STUDIED THE EFFECTS OF MILK ON PEOPLE, and the conclusion of the study is that MILK CAN KILL YOU.

More specifically, for every glass of milk you drink beyond one glass a day, you raise your chances of increased bone fractures and a higher mortality rate.

This goes against the common thought that drinking milk will give you more calcium, and therefore better bone density. Apparently, that’s not really the case.

The take away on this study is that one glass of milk a day should be fine… but anything more than that could be hazardous to your health.

We’ll stick with a bowl of ice cream instead.