The less competent your boss is, the more you hate your job

By web gangsta | Published:

Do you love your job?

Like, REALLY REALLY love your job?

It’s one thing to love what you do or the company that you work for. But the job itself – how much do you really like THAT position in THAT department with THOSE co-workers?

Yeah, we thought so.  Depending on the circumstances, you really could be happier elsewhere – whether it be under a different management structure in the same organization, or doing a similar job at a different company.

See, it’s not the WORK that you’re unhappy with, it’s the environment.

Dilbert's Pointy-Hair Boss
Dilbert’s Pointy-Hair Boss

According to a RECENT STUDY ON LONG-TERM JOB SATISFACTION, there are a number of variables that are directly linked to your personal happiness at your job.

Number one on the list of things that should make you happy is the COMPETENCY OF YOUR BOSS.  The less competent they are, the less you will be happy in your job.  Oh sure, other areas that are important are your education, whether you work in the public sector or not, how much money you make on a weekly basis, and how long you’re been with the company – all that plays a factor for sure, but if you have a crappy boss — that will really lead you to hating your job.

Can your boss do your job if you were away plays a big part in your happiness. Workers love their jobs more when they feel that their boss has a clue about what they do and could step in to help when necessary, or have worked their way up the ranks, having been in your shoes before. It also helps if you’re a generally cheerful person.  Every little bit helps when determining how happy you are in your role.