Would you like to buy an alpaca? They’re going CHEAP!

By web gangsta | Published:

If you’ve ever wanted to own an alpaca, the market trend right now is that they are not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

Alpacas are calm, easy-going animals with incredible fur to be used in all sort of clothing products, if knitting is your thing.  We know a number of people who own alpacas (or llamas, or chickens, or pigs… a surprising number of friends own pigs), and they think owning an alpaca is the greatest thing.

Alpaca Plush
Alpaca Plush

So HOW MUCH DOES AN ALPACA COST if you were to go out and buy one?

According to OPEN HERD, a website dedicated to the buying and selling of alpacas, you can get an alpaca for as low as $375.

Or, if you feel the need to get an alpaca at any price, you can be prepared to spend $6000 or more. Browsing the site, we even ran across one alpaca that was listed at $20,000! (and that’s for an alpaca that only placed 6th in the 2013 Southern Alpaca Show — imagine what the alpaca that came in first place would be worth on the open market!!!)

If yo’re going to buy an alpaca or an alpaca farm, be sure to do your homework. Raising a living carpet isn’t for everyone – but if you have the time and money to do something fun, alpaca raising could be just your thing.