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Have an embarrassing medical question? Check out EMBARRASSING BODIES (yup, it’s NSFW)

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Embarrassing Medical Problems

Web Watch knows that it’s wrong to laugh at other people’s medical situations. 

However, Web Watch can recommend laughing at the questions that can arise from some of the more unusual medical issues that can crop up from time to time.

Because let’s face it – some folks have either some amusing medical problems or they don’t mind asking in public what are normally private conversations that one should have with their personal physician.

The UK’s Channel 4 embraces this philosophy wholeheartedly, to the point of making an Internet television program that serves just that purpose.  EMBARRASSING BODIES and EMBARRASSING BODIES LIVE are a TV program and companion website that allows viewers of all shapes and sizes and of all ages and educational backgrounds a platform to ask just those questions — anonymously — that they just feel uncomfortable asking a doctor, family, or friend about. Continue reading HAVE AN EMBARRASSING MEDICAL QUESTION? CHECK OUT EMBARRASSING BODIES (YUP, IT’S NSFW)

Buy This Album: Peter Gabriel’s SCRATCH MY BACK

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Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back

This week, Peter Gabriel releases a new acoustic album entitled SCRATCH MY BACK, with no guitars or drums. 

On the album, Peter covers songs done by other artists.  Later, a companion album of Peter Gabriel covers by other artists will be released on a disc entitled I’LL SCRATCH YOURS.

The songs on SCRATCH MY BACK include:

  • HEROES by David Bowie
  • THE BOY IN THE BUBBLE by Paul Simon
  • MIRRORBALL by Elbow
  • FLUME by Bon Iver
  • LISTENING WIND by Talking Heads
  • MY BODY IS A CAGE by Arcade Fire
  • THE BOOK OF LOVE by The Magnetic Fields
  • APRES MOI by Regina Spektor
  • PHILADELPHIA by Neil Young
  • STREET SPIRIT by Radiohead

Some of the covers to be on I’LL SCRATCH YOURS have been announced to include the following:

  • Paul Simon doing BIKO
  • Stephin Merrit of The Magnetic Fields doing NOT ONE OF US
  • Randy Newman doing BIG TIME
  • Tom Yorke of Radiohead doing WALLFLOWER

Survey says that it’s okay to send texts while in the bathroom

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texting poster

Web Watch agrees with our readers that talking on the phone (whether it be via Bluetooth, hand-held cell, or corded landline) is completely inappropriate when done in the bathroom — public or private.

Nobody wants to hear your conversations while in the stall, and nobody at the other end of the conversation wants to hear the bodily functions of either yourself or your neighbors.

This is why Web Watch is thrilled that chip maker Intel decided to research and publish A STUDY ABOUT PROPER TEXTING ETIQUETTE. Continue reading SURVEY SAYS THAT IT’S OKAY TO SEND TEXTS WHILE IN THE BATHROOM

How to win at SURVIVOR or succeed in the real world – it’s all about game theory

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Introduction to Game Theory

In a previous post, Web Watch mentioned how GAME THEORY plays an important part in the reality TV show SURVIVOR.

The key to understanding what that means is to know what GAME THEORY is all about.  Luckily, Web Watch has found a way to boil it down into some bite-sized chunks for our faithful Web Watch readers.


15 Tips to Remember when Decorating a Cake

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Duff Goldman - Ace of Cakes

Duff Goldman of the Food Network’s ACE OF CAKES is known as a cake guy. Web Watch knows he’s also in a band, went to pastry school, and worked at the French Laundry for a little bit… but he’s mainly known for his cakes that he makes with his friends at a little shop called CHARM CITY CAKES in Baltimore.  (Hey Geoff!  Hey Mary Alice!)

But what if you wanted to make and decorate your own cake and do it in “Ace of Cakes”-style?  Believe it or not, even Duff and his crew try to follow some general guidelines and procedures when they’re making their crazy whimsical creations.


Dee Snider wants us to TAKE BACK THE HORNS

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Ronnie James Dio poster

Rock-n-roll is all about being a rebel and going against The Man and The Corporation.

To hear Dee Snider tell it, it’s also not wearing a pledge pin on your uniform.

That’s why Dee Snider has asked the Internet to come together for one singular cause: Continue reading DEE SNIDER WANTS US TO TAKE BACK THE HORNS

Today’s fact: the average football game consists of just 11 minutes of action

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TV Sports Football

Regardless of whether you’re a sports fan or not, chances are that you’ll be watching at least a portion of the Super Bowl game on Super Bowl Sunday, whether it be during a SUPER BOWL PARTY, at a bar, or just sitting home and watching it on TiVo with your family.

And the Super Bowl is a 4+ hour long extravaganza of commercial excess.  This led the WALL STREET JOURNAL to sit down and figure out exactly HOW MUCH ACTION ACTUALLY TAKES PLACE DURING AN AVERAGE TELEVISED FOOTBALL GAME.

And the WSJ came to the conclusion that during the 60 minutes worth of time on the official NFL game clock, there was approximately just 11 minutes of actual playing.  So what fills up the rest of those 3 or 4 hours worth of television? Continue reading TODAY’S FACT: THE AVERAGE FOOTBALL GAME CONSISTS OF JUST 11 MINUTES OF ACTION

Super Bowl 44 Prop Bets – You making any of these?

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Super Bowl 44 Program Saints Colts

The Super Bowl.

A time for getting together with friends, family, and co-workers for the ultimate Super Bowl party as you gather around the big screen to watch the game (and the Super Bowl commercials), while you hunker down with some awesome Super Bowl party food.

And what makes watching the Super Bowl with a crowd more interesting is a little friendly wager.

We’re not talking about anything crazy, money-wise.  Everyone can just throw $5 into the pot and fill out some FOOTBALL SQUARES – you don’t have to know anything about the game, just put your name into a box and wait for the scoring to commence.  Could be the easiest money you’ve ever made. Continue reading SUPER BOWL 44 PROP BETS — YOU MAKING ANY OF THESE?

What he REALLY is thinking about when you break up

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Break Up

Breaking up is never easy, especially around Valentine’s Day.

But sometimes, you have to pull that trigger even if it means you’re going to lose out on a fancy Valentine dinner or some special nighttime action that only gets thrown into the mix on those special occasions.

So in order to put women’s minds at ease, Web Watch has dug up this list of THINGS MEN ARE REALLY THINKING WHEN YOU BREAK UP WITH THEM: Continue reading WHAT HE REALLY IS THINKING ABOUT WHEN YOU BREAK UP

Unhappy hipsters. (If you don’t know what that means, maybe it’s you.)

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Fuzz the Hipster

Are you a hipster?

Do you live in some hip world full of other hip people?  Constantly gazing off into the distance from your hipster pad while you listen to all that hipster post-modern music?

Do you have an ironic goatee?

Is being a hipster all it’s cracked up to be?  Maybe YOU’RE AN UNHAPPY HIPSTER. Continue reading UNHAPPY HIPSTERS. (IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, MAYBE IT’S YOU.)

The Best Places to Pick Up Women… and why

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Cupid costume

Women may find this hard to believe, but single men do think about Valentine’s Day.

Especially since there’s a good chance that they can run into depressed single women who are just looking for a quick hook-up ensure that they didn’t spend Valentine’s Day home alone again this year, with just a bowl fool of cookie dough and a bag full of M&M’s to keep them company as they sit and cry in front of the TV.

Nope, men want everything on Valentine’s Day that women want:  just a little action.


Video Fun: Parodies of Discovery Channel’s “The World is Just Awesome” video (boom-de-ah-da, boom-de-ah-da)

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Deadliest Catch Dutch Harbor T-Shirt

If you have watched The Discovery Channel on any regular basis over the past two years, you should have seen their musical promotional video. It’s either called “I Love The World” or “The World is Just Awesome” depending on who you talk to, and is also otherwise known as the “boom-de-ah-da”, “boom-de-yada”, or “boom-de-ya” song, depending on how you interpret the spelling of the refrain).

The clip features scenes from various Discovery Channel shows, such as DEADLIEST CATCH, MYTHBUSTERS, DIRTY JOBS, MAN VS WILD and others, with the stars and guests on the shows lipsyncing the catchy commercial song as they go about their business.

Here’s one of the originals:

And here the Discovery Channel stars themselves sing it live:


The winner of the 2010 dirtiest hotel in America is in San Francisco. Are you surprised, or not?

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Hotel Sleep Sack

We’ve all been travelled a bit across the country and have been disgusted by what we’ve found in a dirty hotel room, right?

Web Watch recalls one hotel we stayed at that was so disgusting that we did everything we could to avoid touching anything in the room (we didn’t have much choice as to where else to stay, and it was only for one night – we figured we could stick it out for a few hours. Of course, we didn’t have a hotel sleep sack to use at the time — that would have been most awesome!).

One year, a travelling companion of ours found a used condom on the floor of her off-strip hotel in Las Vegas. You’d think the cleaning folks would have noticed it was there and destroyed the evidence. (She ended up getting her night comped, but not before subjecting the hotel manager with some very harsh words.)

Even the local news stations have run reports on how you’re not supposed to drink out of the in-room glassware or use the in-room coffee pot at even the fanciest expensive hotels, because those items may not be cleaned in as regular a time period (or in a sanitary way) as a guest would like.  Just saying…

The point is that TripAdvisor has released their list of the TOP 10 DIRTIEST HOTELS IN AMERICA, based on survey results they have received from world travellers. Continue reading THE WINNER OF THE 2010 DIRTIEST HOTEL IN AMERICA IS IN SAN FRANCISCO. ARE YOU SURPRISED, OR NOT?