Want to work for Playboy? They need a “Photo Archivist”

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Growing up, almost every boy has a dream to someday work for Playboy Magazine (link NSFW).

Because how fun would it be to surround yourself with The Most Beautiful Women of the World, all day, every day?

And to party at the Playboy Mansion?  That’s a dream that everyone has, no matter how corporate some of the more recent parties are rumored to have become (the Mansion is owned by the Company, after all, so they do have some entertainment bills that need to be paid somehow).

But here’s your opportunity to work for Playboy as a PHOTO ARCHIVIST (this link is SFW).

The job details are after the break.

Limited Time Photo Archivist

Under the direction of the Manager-Photo Library, this Limited Time position is responsible for maintenance of the Scrapbook Collection, assisting Photo Library patrons and performing other routine office functions. This position interacts with Editorial/Photo and Rights & Permissions personnel internally.


  1. Maintain Hugh M. Hefner’s Scrapbook Collection and archive for historical purposes. Includes labeling and filing Scrapbook photos, filling photo orders from Mansion West and maintaining the scrapbook database.
  2. Assist in research for various projects related to HMH scrapbook and historical files
  3. As assigned, assist in conducting research for a variety of photo related projects which may include the preparation of a MARS submission and taking steps to fulfill orders for photographs.
  4. Sort and prepare historial film collections in the Photo Archives for future digital archiving.
  5. As assigned, participate in Telescope projects associated with legacy assets.
  6. Perform other related duties/special projects as assigned.


  • College degree desired, specific coursework in photography and library science.
  • Candidate should have an understanding of workflow structures.
  • Mac OSX proficient.
  • Experience working with data entry/database systems.
  • Knowledge of digital media functions and terminology and Adobe Photoshop and Bridge.
  • Ability to work and problem solve without close supervision.
  • inimum of three years’ working in a photo archive or library preferable and experience working in a rights & permissions department a plus.

** Please Note: This position is Limited Time (no benefits) with the possibility of conversion to Full Time after several months.

Hey, it may be a part-time position, but part of the battle of getting your dream job is getting your foot in the door in the first place. Act fast – this job may not be posted for long.

 Today, “Limited Time Photo Archivist”.  Tomorrow, “Grotto Party Coordinator”!

2 thoughts on “Want to work for Playboy? They need a “Photo Archivist”

  1. Harry Avakian

    Dear Web Gangsta,

    Your piece on the Playboy archives brought a question to mind. I’m interested in knowing the real names of the girls who posed in the 60’s and early 70’s. A few used their real names in the publication, but most did not. For example, by doing an internet search, you can quickly find that Michelle Hamilton (March 1968) was really Roxanna Platt. But for the most part, it is almost impossible to get this information, since it isn’t on the internet. Surely there must be a record of these names at Playboy. Can you point me in the right direction? Any ideas on who I could contact at Playboy? It would sure save me a lot of time.


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