What one item would you bring with you if you travelled back in time?

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Back to the Future - Bluray
Back to the Future on Blu-Ray

We’ve all seen BACK TO THE FUTURE, where all you need to have is an almanac of sports results from the future in order to make yourself a billionaire.

But the concept does lend itself to a bigger question if you were to time-travel further back in time to when ancient civilizations could be really impressed with what we see as everyday, common technology:  WHAT WOULD YOU BRING WITH YOU FROM THE FUTURE THAT WOULD MAKE ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS BELIEVE YOU WERE A GOD?

Like you don’t already think of yourself as a god anyway.

Here are seven tips for how to select the most perfect item that isn’t a Bic lighter.  You don’t want to duplicate anything you’ve seen in a movie like Black Knight, folks.  That would be just to easy…

  • Keep it simple.  Remember, these are people who don’t know that water evaporates in the sun.
  • Don’t make it battery operated.  When the batteries run out, so do you
  • Does it look amazing, with sound and lights and movement?  If so, then it’s “magic”. Oooooo.
  • Can you lie about the item’s real purpose?  Good.  No reason to tell these folks that a spork is not the Most Deadly Killing Machine Known to Man
  • Speaking of sporks, if the ancient people can use a spork without you telling them how to use it, then you’ve got a problem on your hands.  Once one person knows how to use a spork, then they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and soon – your +1 Spork of Destiny is not longer unique and special
  • Is it something that the ancients will benefit from?  All the more reason for them to revere you and what you’ve brought them

So think carefully — with these guidelines, what would you bring to the time travelling party?  Comment below….