Modern Rules for the Modern Man

By web gangsta | Published:

Being a Modern Man in a Modern Society doesn’t mean that the Modern Man should give up Old World ways when dealing with women.

Gallantry is not dead.  It’s just a little bit out of practice.

How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman
How To Be a Man:
A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman

And being a Modern Man goes beyond just standing up when a woman approaches the table, or pulling her chair out for her while she sits, or holding the door open for her.

No, in today’s modern society – WOMEN EXPECT EQUAL RESPECT, even if this seems out of place in a traditional-minded man’s head.

That’s okay – the two schools of thought are not exclusive of each other.  As the link above states:

Do these things because it’s a decent thing to do. Not because you think you deserve a cookie for doing them.

So what are the new Modern Rules for the Modern Man when dealing with women?  Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • A modern man is expected to Listen.  Don’t dismiss a woman’s opinion because she’s a woman. It’s very likely she knows what she’s talking about and you don’t.
  • Does your circle of friends only include men?  Why not invite the women in your lives (or office, or neighborhood, etc) out to join you too?
  • Share equally in the housework and child-rearing
  • Volunteer to be on the Party Committee.  Volunteer to clean up the office breakroom kitchen. Volunteer to be the note-taker. Volunteer to serve the cake and ice cream.
  • In the office – especially in workplaces that are predominately men – be aware of the women who may be around you. They’re working hard, harder, to be there with you. So watch your language and jokes to ensure that they don’t feel uncomfortable. What you’re saying may not be intentionally harmful on your part, but you don’t always know the dynamics of those around you who can hear you.

There are a few more suggestions on the linked page. And although it’s geared towards an academic gender issue, the points raised are applicable everywhere the Modern Man may find himself.