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Learn how to tell a story, the Pixar way

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A few months back, Web Watch told you about how Hemingway chose to write: be as concise as possible, don’t say in six words what you say in five.

Storytelling – whether it be written or verbal, for fun or for profit – is not something that comes naturally to everyone.  It’s another reason why public speaking can be so difficult, as well.  People naturally like to wander in their conversations, and becoming laser-focused on what you’re trying to say is a skillset that not everyone has.

Why take 20 minutes to tell a story when you can say the same thing in five minutes?  You can always expand on what you’re talking about, especially as part of a continued conversation.  But don’t give everything away on your own – your audience will become quickly bored.

So what should you do?


Can YOU name the Top 100 Global Brands for 2012?

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Even if you’re one of those Occupy Wall Streeters, complaining about everything that Big Business is doing to Keep You Down, chances are you’re also a little bit brand conscious.

Aside from the fact that the OWS movement went to all the trouble of ensuring that they have a trademark on “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, those 99% really aren’t any different from the rest of us.

They’re wearing name-brand clothing, purchased at a name-brand retailer.

They’re marketing their protest with Apple and Google phones, using Facebook and Twitter over cellular networks or purloined free WiFi connections that are setup/maintained/paid for by other corporations.

A protest is fine, and bringing attention to companies’ misdeeds is powerful — but don’t complain about how all businesses are bad if you have to rely on them in order to handle your protest in the first place.

See, it really IS all about branding and marketing, isn’t it?


Continue reading CAN YOU NAME THE TOP 100 GLOBAL BRANDS FOR 2012?

The World’s Best Tourists for 2011

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Web Watch does love to travel, and when we do we try to be the best, most considerate traveler we can be.

It’s not always like that, however.

We often find ourselves trying to be extra-polite to cover for those miscreants we run across who just give tourists a bad name.   They’re the ones who really ruin siteseeing for everyone.

Do we really need to have a gum-filled wall in Seattle? 

Really?    Well, it might be considered “art” there… but it’s certainly not considered “art” when seen in a queue line at the local amusement park, is it?

Nope, there it’s just tacky, tacky.  Literally, in some places. Continue reading THE WORLD’S BEST TOURISTS FOR 2011

Video Fun: Apparently, you CAN get arrested at Disneyland. Peppersprayed, too

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Disneyland and Walt Disney World are often referred to as the “Happiest Places on Earth”.

And for good reason.

But there is an underbelly that seldom sees the light of day.  And it proves that even with the fantasy worlds that Walt built, sometimes people crack a bit under the pressure to always have a good time and escape.

Perhaps there’s a reason that alcohol is hard to find at the Magic Kingdom (unless, of course, you know where to look).

Let’s take a look at how Disney’s professional security teams deal with unruly, and occasionally violent, guests:


Disney Princesses in Real Life, a photo essay

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Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish design student at Bournemouth, and he wants to be very clear that his name is pronounced “Yirka”, not “Jerk-a”.

Web Watch has no reason to quibble with him on this, as he’s doing some phenomenal work on RE-IMAGINING DISNEY PRINCESSES as if they were real-life people.

Sure, we’ve seen some other examples of this with live models, but Jirka is taking a slightly different approach on this with his photo-realistic, manipulations that are designed to showcase what the Disney Princess would look like as an actual person.

Not a cartoon caricature, but really-for-real people.

Let’s take a quick look… 


When can we use the phrase “Super Bowl”? And other Super Legalities you should be aware of

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One question that Web Watch hears a lot from our friends is “Why do some businesses use the term THE BIG GAME or PIGSKIN PARTY, while others use the term SUPER BOWL in their promotional material?” We’ve noticed this ourselves, and are often amused at the lengths some companies go to in associating themselves as being a part of the Professional Football Championship Game without actually mentioning any of the NFL’s trademarks.

Web Watch is not a lawyer, nor are we involved/affiliated with the Super Bowl, the NFL, and its various properties – but we can certainly share some of the things that we’ve learned over the years. Take the following as helpful suggestions, but if you are planning on using any of the NFL’s trademarks yourself – you may want to check with your own legal department and/or followup with the NFL themselves for your own DOs and DONTs list. Continue reading WHEN CAN WE USE THE PHRASE “SUPER BOWL”? AND OTHER SUPER LEGALITIES YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF

Video Fun: Disney and Pixar Movies remixed into Pop Music

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Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons from the World's Most Creative Corporate Playground
Innovate the Pixar Way:
Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground

Web Watch is always amazed at the creativity that the Internet has sparked.

Maybe that creativity and innovation has always been there, but the Internet has certainly made finding these things more exciting and accessible to all.

So when we stumbled upon this remix of audio clips from the FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR, we thought that we’d take a look to see what else POGOMIX has done.

And that’s when we discovered this treasure trove of audio remixes from various DISNEY and PIXAR films.   Watch below, and enjoy… Continue reading VIDEO FUN: DISNEY AND PIXAR MOVIES REMIXED INTO POP MUSIC

What if Disney Princesses were tattooed and pierced?

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Disney Princess Tattoos
Disney Princess Tattoos

Disney Princesses have inspired many fantasies, for girls and boys alike.

Girls, because they want to be just as glamorous, rich, desired… and more recently, smart and self-sufficient.   

Web Watch has covered the Disney Princess phenomenon in the past, from both a business and a fantasy viewpoint (Briana Garcia and her Funny Disney Princesses being a popular page here on Web Watch).

So why do boys like the Disney Princesses?  Because let’s face it — in the right circumstance, Disney Princesses can be hot.  Heck, how can you explain why seven dwarves fought over Snow White? Continue reading WHAT IF DISNEY PRINCESSES WERE TATTOOED AND PIERCED?

Where do today’s young professionals want to work?

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Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work
Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work

If you have to go to work, why not go someplace where you WANT to go.

Because work should be fun (even though it’s called “work”). Continue reading WHERE DO TODAY’S YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WANT TO WORK?

Video Fun: Disney Princess Dub

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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

Just a quick posting today.

What happens when you take one of the most iconic Disney Princess songs ever written, and overdub it with what the character is *really* thinking as they’re singing their song. Continue reading VIDEO FUN: DISNEY PRINCESS DUB

Real-Life Disney Princesses at 2011 Comic-Con

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Sexy Tinkerbelle Costume

Previously, Web Watch has shared with you about REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES that attend San Diego’s famed COMIC CON.

This year is no exception.

We’ll be posting photos of this year’s sexy Disney Princesses in Real Life here.  Bookmark this page for updates: Continue reading REAL-LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES AT 2011 COMIC-CON

Deconstruction of the Disney Princess, or Rules for becoming a Disney Princess yourself

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Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings by David Tutera

There have been any number of sociological reports written about how the Disney Princess marketing department — and let’s face it, the Disney Princess franchise really is a marketer’s dream in terms of how much product is sold — is leading to poor self-image in young girls.


Photographer Ryan Astamendi takes Real-life Disney Princesses photos

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Disney's Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume
Disney’s Aladdin – Jasmine Adult Costume

Ryan Astamendi is a professional photographer with an extensive portfolio of work.

One thing that he is becoming known for is his ability to recreate classic Disney Princess animated characters and turn them into real-life models.

Take, for example, the above stock advertising photo for a Jasmine costume from Disney’s Aladdin.  There’s nothing wrong with the photo or the model – it’s doing exactly what the marketing department requested.  If you’re looking for a costume, it’s perfectly adequate… but if you’re looking for the “essence” of the character, you have to look elsewhere.

That’s why what Ryan does is much, much more than just take a photo or two. Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHER RYAN ASTAMENDI TAKES REAL-LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES PHOTOS

Q: What does Mickey Mouse smell like? A: mint, chocolate, and the sea

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Jitterbug Perfume
Jitterbug Perfume

Have you ever wanted to smell like Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

Have you ever wanted to smell like a true magical fantasy?

Well, now’s your chance as The Disney Stores have decided to launch an exclusive perfume and fragrance line that captures the scentual essence of what “Disney” means. Continue reading Q: WHAT DOES MICKEY MOUSE SMELL LIKE? A: MINT, CHOCOLATE, AND THE SEA

What Was There? A photographic journey through history

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World Map
World Map

The more things change, the more things change.

Some places are known for blowing the existing up and rebuilding from the ashes, history be damned.  Other places embrace their history, making it difficult for any new development to take place lest it disturb the historical (in)significance of what’s present.

That’s why Web Watch loves websites like WHAT WAS THERE, as it tries to capture the glory of history, without worrying about keeping the march of progress down.