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Awesome bad ads over at You Suck at CraigsList

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Wanted: Bear Cubs for my Children - 100 Of the Weirdest CraigsList Ads
Wanted: Bear Cubs for my Children – 100 Of the Weirdest CraigsList Ads

Sure thing – maybe “you can buy and live in million dollar homes, or obtain Corvettes or other cars and trucks with no credit and no money down…..always using Craigslist”.

Or maybe you want to not be an idiot when posting your own ad on CraigsList. Continue reading AWESOME BAD ADS OVER AT YOU SUCK AT CRAIGSLIST

Buying a car off Craigslist? Here are some things to look out for

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How to Buy a Car
How to Buy a Car

Buying a used car can be a scary experience, as can selling one.

A few years ago, Web Watch had reason to sell our 14-year-old truck, after 200,000 miles.  The vehicle still ran perfectly fine.  We kept up-to-date with oil changes and other maintenance, but it was starting to get some quirks that were becoming more annoying than not. 

The sunroof would leak on occasion.  The radio was flaky.  The dashboard illumination lights were starting to burn out.  And we think – but can’t prove – that there was an oil leak that would have been rather costly to repair.  The rear passenger door wouldn’t close unless you knew how to shut the door the right way.  There were a few other things, but the truck ran great and could get you where you were going.  Still, it was time to ditch the truck for something newer and sportier. Continue reading BUYING A CAR OFF CRAIGSLIST? HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR

Most Visited Websites and Social Networks for July 2009

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comScore, a research company, has published their list of the US’s TOP 50 MOST VISITED WEBSITES FOR JULY 2009, ranked by most unique visitors.

The top 10 most visited sites (or groups of sites, such as the case with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or others) are really no surprise:

  1. Google (with 195,538,000 unique visitors)
  2. Yahoo (includes Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo, etc)
  3. Microsoft (includes Bing, Hotmail, Windows Update, etc)
  4. AOL
  5. Facebook
  6. Fox Interactive Media (includes MySpace)
  7. Ask
  8. eBay
  9. Amazon
  10. Wikipedia


Fixing Computers in Exchange for Sex

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Have you met “Ray the Computer Guy”?

He posted an ad (since removed) on popular Internet classifieds site Craigslist offering TO FIX COMPUTERS IN EXCHANGE FOR SEX.

His payscale was pretty basic:  for guys, he’d only take cash.  For women, he’d leave it up to their discretion.

Basic repairs that were done in 15 minutes, he’d take a foot massage.