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Photographer Ryan Astamendi takes Real-life Disney Princesses photos

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Disney's Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume
Disney’s Aladdin – Jasmine Adult Costume

Ryan Astamendi is a professional photographer with an extensive portfolio of work.

One thing that he is becoming known for is his ability to recreate classic Disney Princess animated characters and turn them into real-life models.

Take, for example, the above stock advertising photo for a Jasmine costume from Disney’s Aladdin.  There’s nothing wrong with the photo or the model – it’s doing exactly what the marketing department requested.  If you’re looking for a costume, it’s perfectly adequate… but if you’re looking for the “essence” of the character, you have to look elsewhere.

That’s why what Ryan does is much, much more than just take a photo or two. Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHER RYAN ASTAMENDI TAKES REAL-LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES PHOTOS

Improving Disney Shopping, Part 5: Tigger Watch 2011 revisited

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Web Watch last had a TIGGER WATCH article almost a year ago, which is plenty of time to have passed to see if Disney has been paying attention and improved the Disney Shopping Experience.

We were prompted to revisit TIGGER WATCH 2011 due to popular Disney blogger JIM HILL’s recent column entitled DISNEY’S GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE WITH WINNIE the POOH.   Why?  Because there are some things in Jim Hill’s article that just didn’t seem to add up.

Jim Hill quotes  Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products, as saying that Disney has “done a lot of research” regarding the Pooh characters and marketing franchise.  Mr Mooney states, ““We talked with a lot of mothers. Who do most of the buying when it comes to Winnie the Pooh merchandise.”  He continues, “What we’re really looking to do here is return these characters to their roots. Try and recapture what made them so popular, so desirable in the first place.” Continue reading IMPROVING DISNEY SHOPPING, PART 5: TIGGER WATCH 2011 REVISITED

Meet David Rosdeitcher – The Zip Code Man

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The Adventures of the ZipCodeMan
The Adventures of the Zip Code Man

David Rosdeitcher has an affinity for numbers, or just a really good memory. He is a street performer from Boulder, Colorado, and his act consists of asking the audience for their zip code.  He then proceeds to tell those people not only what city they’re from, but also about a restaurant or other local point of interest that’s located there.


As a busker, he earns money based on the tips that people provide from the entertainment he offers.  His pitch line is “give me money, because I know where you live.”  It seems to be effective. Continue reading MEET DAVID ROSDEITCHER — THE ZIP CODE MAN

New Disney D23 Exclusive Offers

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When Disney announced D23 (the Disney Fan Community, costing $75 per year to join), there were some concerns about what “exclusive” activities would be offered to D23 members that would make the extra cost seem worthwhile.

The exclusive free screening for Pixar’s UP at the El Capitan was a nice start, but Web Watch did say at the time it was announced:

Let’s hope they do the next ones the right way and invite all D23 members, not just those who can afford the airfare to sunny California.

All it took was a little bit of time to set certain wheels in motion.  Let’s take a quick look at the latest D23 exclusive offerings:


D23 exclusive screening of Pixar’s “UP” (and you’re not invited)

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upcarlDetails are starting to emerge about the upcoming exclusive screening for D23 members of Disney-Pixar’s latest film, UP.

All you have to do, it seems, other than have your Disney D23 membership card at the ready – is to go to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California for the special showing on Thursday morning May 28th, at 12:01am.

Of course, further details are scarce about whether there is going to be any actual D23 preview ticket distribution or similar, in order to control the massive crowd that is sure to show up for this fantastic D23 benefit. Continue reading D23 EXCLUSIVE SCREENING OF PIXAR’S “UP” (AND YOU’RE NOT INVITED)

List of Facebook Statistics

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A few days ago in talking about how Disney is handling their new D23 community with regards to how large companies deal with fan clubs, Web Watch mentioned that Coca-Cola was the #2 most popular fan page on Facebook behind Barack Obama.

Since then, some have asked what the rest of that breakdown was.  So here is a LIST OF FACEBOOK PAGE STATISTICS.


Disney’s D23 Charter Membership Gift

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Putting a Smile on the World

Putting a Smile on the World

My exclusive D23 Membership Gift has arrived.

It’s a large (20″ x 30″) lithograph of Paul Felix’ piece entitled “Putting a Smile on the World” that he created for Mickey’s 80th birthday anniversary in November 2008.

The package also came with a letter from Steven Clark, head of Disney’s D23 program.  It reads:

Dear D23 Charter Member –

We are pleased to present you with this D23 member exclusive lithograph as your Charter Year gift from the new Walt Disney Archives Collection.  Walt Disney Animation Studios Art Director Paul Felix created “Putting a Smile on the World” in celebration of Mickey’s 80th birthday last November, capturing Mickey’s trademark charm, youthful exuberance and optimism. Continue reading DISNEY’S D23 CHARTER MEMBERSHIP GIFT

Opening the D23 Membership Package

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Today, I received my D23 Membership Packet.  Let’s look inside, shall we?

Opening up the impressively sized cardboard container was easy – just rip open the cardboard zipper and fold the back over the top.  In doing so, you release the flaps, protecting the precious D23 material.

Opening the D23 Package 

Opening the D23 Package

 The D23 Membership materials are enclosed in their own protective plastic wrapper, showing the back of the Disney twenty-three magazine.
 D23 contents (still in plastic)

D23 contents (still in plastic)


Brand Fan Clubs

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Michael Jones at the terrific business-oriented ALL THINGS DISNEY blog posed this question as he asked about GIVING DISNEY’S D23 MEMBERSHIP CLUB A CHANCE:   Can you name another company (besides Apple) that has a large a following as Disney and yet has no official outlet?

Disney has a large and rabid online fanbase.  No doubt about it.  Other companies do as well.

And in today’s world of TwitMyFace social marketing, any company that has a large and vocal fan base should be aware enough of their surroundings to monitor the online goings-on of their consumers.   In 2000, Coca-Cola issues a cease-and-desist order to a fan who had created a fan website, vintagecocacola.com (the site is currently down).   The claim was that the user was cybersquatting on Coca-Cola’s trademark, but ignores that there can exceptions if the trademarked name is not used for profit (as is the case with most fan-based sites).  Coca-Cola’s stance was that they were merely protecting their trademark… though they recognize that in doing so they may upset their most loyal, well-meaning fans. Continue reading BRAND FAN CLUBS

My Disney D23 Membership Card Has Arrived

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This week I received my D23 membership card.

The mailer that came with the card said this:

Welcome to D23: The Official Community for Disney Fans!

We are thrilled you have joined us to celebrate the magic of Disney’s past, present, and future. Through D23, you will go backstage, behind closed doors and get the inside scoop from every part of Disney, while experiencing the nostalgia, adventure, and fantasy of Disney as never before.

Included here is your personalized membership card. Within 1-2 weeks you should receive your welcome letter, membership certificate, and first copy of Disney twenty-three. Your special gift from the Walt Disney Archives Collection will arrive separately.

Stay connected with D23 at Disney.com/D23. With breaking news, feature stories, insightful columns, vintage comics, and much more, D23’s web site will keep you plugged into Disney on a daily basis.

Once again, we are so happy you could “join the jamboree,” and we look forward to bringing you the best of Disney.


Disney’s New Membership Club: D23

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Those of you who follow Disney business news are already aware of Disney’s new fan club, D23.

For those of you who don’t follow the business side of the Disney company, D23 is something that the Disney marketers have put together to compete in the value-added, information marketplace that was left with a giant void when the various Disney Club, Magic Kingdom Card, Disney Magazine, and other promotional programs closed down.  They’re calling D23 a “fan community”.

For $75 a year, D23 members get 4 glossy, high-quality magazines a year, along with some extra doodads and opportunities.  Other websites have done a wonderful job dissecting the D23 program announcements, so it is unnecessary to repeat the bulk of the details here.