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The Most Useless Websites on the Web

By web gangsta | Published:

There’s a lot of stupid on the Internet.

You know, it.  We know it.

The goal is to try to avoid those websites at all costs.  There’s never anything good to be found there, in the bowels of Internet Stupidity.


The Band Name Generator

By web gangsta | Published:

Has it really been almost 14 years since Web Watch last shared with our readers a website about a ROCK BAND NAME GENERATOR?

Facebook vs the World: Tracking Your Friendships around the Globe

By web gangsta | Published:

Web Watch has traveled all over the world and has made tons of friends.

We could call up folks from Hong Kong to Morocco, and places in-between using that old-fashioned telephone thingie.

Sure, we could use Facebook to reach out to all our friends, but why do something that impersonal when you can reach out and touch someone with a phone call?


What’s your Secret Service code name?

By web gangsta | Published:

Everybody has a nickname.

And as Howard learned on THE BIG BANG THEORY, nicknames are usually assigned to you rather than something that you come up with yourself.  His nickname, if you hadn’t heard, is “Froot Loop”.


How fast can you read?

By web gangsta | Published:

Web Watch wouldn’t be able to cover as many websites as we do without being able to read quickly and comprehend what we’re poking our heads into.

Reading fast is one thing; knowing what we just read about is something else entirely.

But the question can come up as you outpace your friends and family in reading the BIG BANG THEORY VANITY CARDS before they’re off the screen as to exactly HOW FAST CAN YOU READ?

Continue reading HOW FAST CAN YOU READ?

Listen to 40 years of Top 40 Radio

By web gangsta | Published:

Want to hear how music has changed over the past 40 years?

After all, music didn’t start with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

How would you like to take a listen to the Continue reading LISTEN TO 40 YEARS OF TOP 40 RADIO

How far can I walk in 2 hours?

By web gangsta | Published:

Have you ever had a free weekend where you just wanted to head out of town — anywhere — and didn’t have any more solid plan other than “what can we see within a 2-hour drive from here?”

Or asked the same question about how far you could walk or bicycle in a certain timeframe?

Well, worry no more – Web Watch has found a site for you.

Continue reading HOW FAR CAN I WALK IN 2 HOURS?

How big is the universe?

By web gangsta | Published:

Do you remember a few years ago when Web Watch showed you a REAL-WORLD COMPARISON OF GERM SIZES?

You were able to zoom in from the size of a sheet of paper down to the size of a carbon atom.  Along the way, you could see and compare the sizes of different germs when compared to common, everyday objects.

Yeah, not too shabby, and kinda cool.

But what if we wanted to take the same concept, and compare the sizes of pretty much everything in the entire universe to, well, the entire universe?

Continue reading HOW BIG IS THE UNIVERSE?

What’s your Doggelganger? Find out using the human-to-canine pairing software

By web gangsta | Published:

Adopt a Dog
Adopt a Dog

You know you want one.  Everybody does.

And you know the best way to get a dog is to adopt an unwanted or abandoned puppy from an animal shelter rather than to go to a breeder and pay more money than necessary.  Of course, if purebreds are your thing – then go for it, but if you listen to Bob Barker’s (and now Drew Carey’s) spiel at the end of every episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT, you know that going to a shelter will give you the warm fuzzies – both literally and figuratively. Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR DOGGELGANGER? FIND OUT USING THE HUMAN-TO-CANINE PAIRING SOFTWARE

Let’s go meta: “That can be my next tweet” is, in fact, my next tweet. Whoa!

By web gangsta | Published:

Ollie the Twitter Bird
Ollie, the Twitter Bird Mascot Toy

If you’ve been wondering what Web Watch’s next tweet would be, we can tell you that — at the time of this writing — it was most likely going to be something like one of the following:

  • Compared to Find out these apply to keep their STD Awareness Month says: OK GO’s Damian Kulash on
  • The Football Fan’s Guide to Roustabout says: The Platypus Song Christmas Trends to Get Ahead in 16!
  • Seven must-have kitchen gadgets, and you HAVE to Mouseworks to dislike Lady Gaga? Gays.
  • The 15 Biggest Box Office Holiday Party says: Ever wonder what the day: Sexy People!
  • Famous people would you really LOVE your money on when you bring with your farts says: How!
  • Connecticut tops the day: Sexy People! says: The 50 Types of 2010 says: One way to enjoy bicycling!

How did we know? Continue reading LET’S GO META: “THAT CAN BE MY NEXT TWEET” IS, IN FACT, MY NEXT TWEET. WHOA!

Fun with mugshots: Guess the Crime

By web gangsta | Published:

Murder by Death
Murder by Death

Let’s face it. Mugshots are fun.

There’s a little schadenfreude with it as well, knowing that the person staring back at you from the mugshot gallery has allegedly done something wrong, and you haven’t.

And if Nick Nolte or other celebrity mugshots have proven anything, it’s just that some people make pretty funny police fodder. Continue reading FUN WITH MUGSHOTS: GUESS THE CRIME

Flash Fun: GemCraft Labyrinth

By web gangsta | Published:

Lego Castle Defense
Lego Castle Defense

Last year, Web Watch told you about GEMCRAFT CHAPTER 0, one of the better, more involved games in the Tower Defense genre of computer games.

The folks at GAME IN A BOTTLE have been pretty busy recently, and have released a sequel entitled GEMCRAFT LABYRINTH.  And as sequels go, it’s a fine addition to the line.  If you’re a tower defense fan, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.


Angry Birds walkthrough, the science of Angry Birds, and Angry Bird Toys

By web gangsta | Published:

a Nintendo Angry Bird
A Nintendo Angry Bird

Have you caught the ANGRY BIRD craze for your iPhone, Android, or other mobile device?

Would it help to know that ANGRY BIRDS is coming to WII and XBOX LIVE, and PS3 soon?

How about that some math geeks have determined that the RED ANGRY BIRD is 70cm TALL? Continue reading ANGRY BIRDS WALKTHROUGH, THE SCIENCE OF ANGRY BIRDS, AND ANGRY BIRD TOYS

Flash Fun: Achievement Unlocked 2 (time to kill more elephants!)

By web gangsta | Published:

Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked

While we know that Web Watch proclaimed that THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL TOO was a sequel to the hit Flash platformer ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED – we admit that we weren’t really being extremely honest with you, the Web Watch reader.

Oh, it was a worthy game in the Achievement Unlocked pantheon, but it wasn’t a sequel in the true sense of the word.

So Web Watch is here with an apology, and a make-good link for you: Continue reading FLASH FUN: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED 2 (TIME TO KILL MORE ELEPHANTS!)

Flash Fun: Castlewars and Castlewars 2

By web gangsta | Published:

Princess Castle
Princess Castle

If you’re looking for a quick Flash game to play to kill time during your lunch hour, you can’t go wrong with a quick game of CASTLEWARS (or, spelled with a space as CASTLE WARS). Continue reading FLASH FUN: CASTLEWARS AND CASTLEWARS 2