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Picking the Final Four NCAA Basketball Bracket

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It’s March – that time of year when HOOPS MADNESS sets in, and everybody goes crazy for some NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship excitement.

And while you can take the time to study your challenge bracket of 64 teams, you know that the best way to fill out your bracket is not from the outside in, but from the inside out.


Everybody loves football. (Women’s golf? Not so much)

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There’s a reason that the entire world stops their day-to-day life and all attention turns to Super Sunday to watch the Best Two Teams in Football duke it out in the Super Bowl each year.

It’s because everybody knows that football – and the Super Bowl – are awesome.

How do we know?  We have proof!


Early picks for your 2012 March Madness basketball tournament brackets

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It’s that time of year again, where every sports fan worth their paper brackets start working their own version of BRACKETOLOGY in time for some HOOPS MADNESS.

So even though we still have a few weeks to go before the 2012 tournament contenders are announced, Web Watch thought we’d share with you some of the front-runners that you may want to pay attention to while we ramp up to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.



Some last minute tips for your 2011 NCAA basketball tournament bracket

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Wilson NCAA Men's Basketball 2011 Final Four Bracket Basketball
Wilson NCAA Men’s Basketball 2011 Final Four Bracket Basketball

For college basketball fans, it’s the week that matters.  When office workers everywhere stop pretending to do work when filling out their brackets and start pretending to do work while sneaking in a mini-TV to hide under their desks so they don’t miss a minute of CBS’s coverage.

This is one benefit of the switch to digital TV, that you won’t find as many portable TV sets hiding at the office as you used to — but there’s always the Internet, so as long as your network administrator hasn’t blocked access to the streaming video websites, you should be good.

So a few weeks ago, Web Watch shared some TIPS FOR FILLING OUT YOUR 2011 BASKETBALL BRACKET.  Since then, some additional information has come out that we thought we’d share with you.  Continue reading SOME LAST MINUTE TIPS FOR YOUR 2011 NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT BRACKET

Tips on how to pick a winning 2011 March Madness tournament bracket

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NCAA March Madness: The Greatest Moments of the NCAA Tournament
NCAA March Madness: The Greatest Moments of the NCAA Tournament

With March Madness just a few weeks away, office workers everywhere are starting to frantically look for anything that could give them an edge in filling out a winning tournament bracket.

At lot of the information Web Watch has posted about HOW TO PICK A WINNING BRACKET and MORE TIPS ON FILLING OUT YOUR BRACKET is still valid, so be sure to read those handy tips as you gear up to play some hoops madness (we’d post it all here again, but just didn’t want to repeat ourselves). Continue reading TIPS ON HOW TO PICK A WINNING 2011 MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT BRACKET

How to pick a winning March Madness bracket

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2010 March Madness Basketball Bracket

This time last year, Web Watch shared some tips on how to pick a winning NCAA tournament bracket.

As basketball tournament madness rolls around again and everyone DOWNLOADS THE 2010 NCAA BRACKET, we thought we’d share some more tips with our Web Watch readers: Continue reading HOW TO PICK A WINNING MARCH MADNESS BRACKET

How To Pick the NCAA Basketball Bracket

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Whether you call it the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship, March Madness, Bracketology, or the World’s Best Office Pool, every year office work grinds to a halt as millions of people sweat over their 63 game selections as they fill out their basketball brackets – hoping ultimately to win their local office pool.

How tough is it to pick the perfect tournament bracket?  Try 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1 (nine quintillion, if you lost track of the number of commas in that number).

Officially, the NCAA does not support using the grid in any form of gambling, and frowns upon the amount of effort thrown at filling out the brackets for monetary gain.

Got that?  Good.  Now that THAT is out of the way, let’s talk about the 10 BEST WAYS TO FILL OUT YOUR BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT BRACKET SO YOU CAN WIN YOUR OFFICE POOL

(Okay, we may cover more than 10 rules for you to follow while filling out your bracket, but who’s counting?)