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More Disney Princess Cosplay at Comic-Con

By web gangsta | Published:

For the past few years, Web Watch has pointed out the sheer joy that SOME DISNEY PRINCESS FANS get by dressing up as their FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS character at the annual ComicCon convention in San Diego.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that they were dressed as their favorite SEXY DISNEY PRINCESS?

Thought we’d point that out.

Princess Arial costume for AdultsPrincess Arial costume for Adults


News flash: Wearing a Superman t-shirt does not mean you’re dressed as Superman

By web gangsta | Published:

In YET ANOTHER NOSTALGIA BLOG-TURNED-POSSIBLE-EXPLOITATIVE BOOK DEAL, Web Watch points you to GROWING UP HEROES, a photoblog of old family photos that have been submitted by the site’s readers.

In this case, the family photos are of children (and others) dressed up as their favorite superheroes. Continue reading NEWS FLASH: WEARING A SUPERMAN T-SHIRT DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE DRESSED AS SUPERMAN