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Video fun: Balls on an Escalator

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Why do this?

Because you can. Continue reading VIDEO FUN: BALLS ON AN ESCALATOR

It’s true: toys can kill you

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It’s true: toys can kill you.

The question is, “which toys”? Continue reading IT’S TRUE: TOYS CAN KILL YOU

Why teddy bears are the scariest toys you can give a child

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Practically every child growing up has a favorite stuffed animal.

People love giving them as gifts: “oh, they’re so cute. Look how adorable it is.”

But little did you know that lurking under that soft, delicate fake fur is… Continue reading WHY TEDDY BEARS ARE THE SCARIEST TOYS YOU CAN GIVE A CHILD

Top 10 favorite teddy bears (“you know who” is “Number Two”)

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A teddy bear is a timeless classic.  Which are your favorite teddy bears to sleep with?

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh

Meet Gentry Stein: the 2014 World Yo-Yo Champion

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This is Gentry Stein, the 2014 World Yo-Yo Champion. Continue reading MEET GENTRY STEIN: THE 2014 WORLD YO-YO CHAMPION

You’ll never guess what 35% of adults have slept around with

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People like to sleep around an awful lot. But in some ways, we’re more the same than ever.

And you’ll never believe what 35% of those surveyed have admitted to sleeping with in their adult years.

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Were Beanie Babies a Good Investment?

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When was the last time you went through the bins in your storage closet?

Web Watch is betting that you’ve probably squirreled away some things that you thought you’d keep for future kids or grandkids, or maybe you thought that “this may be worth something some day”.

Or maybe you just wanted to have more stuff.  Hey, it happens.

So remember back when Pet Rocks were a thing?  They sold like flapjacks, then everyone realized that all they have was a rock in a cardboard box.  On the other hand, what originally sold for $3.95 can now be had on eBay for $11-$21 apiece, assuming that you have the original packaging.  It’s not a ton of money, but you can’t deny that the price point has certainly increased over the past 30+ years since the Pet Rock was first introduced.

Warman's Bean Plush Field Guide: Values and Identification
Warman’s Bean Plush Field Guide: Values and Identification


This is why we are broke

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Ever look at your bank account statement (or ATM balance) and wonder where all your money went?

Look around your house, and all you see is generic stuff that you really could live without?

Contemplate why you bother with that $5 daily coffee break when the free coffee in the office really isn’t that bad?

Continue reading THIS IS WHY WE ARE BROKE

Now you really can give someone a flying f***

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Flying Fuck
A Flying F*ck

Now you really can give someone the FLYING F*CK that they deserve. Continue reading NOW YOU REALLY CAN GIVE SOMEONE A FLYING F***

Can you name the top merchandised film of the past 18 months?

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Profit from your Idea via Smart Licensing
Profit from your Idea via Smart Licensing

Web Watch has previously covered HOW MUCH MONEY THE DISNEY CORPORATION MAKES ON POOH AND MICKEY MERCHANDISE, and it should come as no surprise that licensing of film characters — whether it be from any of the Disney-Pixar canon, to action heros, to Harry Potter, or to those appearing in the Twilight series — is all big, big business and massive money makers for those who hold the character licensing rights.

But can you name which are the TOP TEN FILMS WITH FILM MERCHANDISE over the past 18 months, based solely on the amout of imported licensed products that have been coming through customs (in other words, not counting anything made in the USA)?   Continue reading CAN YOU NAME THE TOP MERCHANDISED FILM OF THE PAST 18 MONTHS?


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How fast can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Are you good enough to SPEED CUBE?

The International Rubik’s Cube Speed Championships were held recently, and the following records were set:

  • 11.73 seconds for the standard Cube
  • 1 minute, 46.47 seconds to solve a memorized Cube while blindfolded
  • 22.05 seconds for solving a Cube using only one hand

And you say that kids today are only sitting around playing video games.