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Are WOOT.com’s Random Bags of Crap worth the effort?

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So WOOT.COM recently celebrated their 10th birthday.

And as part of the WOOT.COM BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, they made 10,000 WOOT BAGS OF CRAP available to their shopping fans.

Web Watch has talked about what a Bandolier of Carrots, Birthday of Celebration, Box of Candy (aka any variation of the acronym B.O.C. you can think of) happens to be in the past, but let’s talk more about what you might get in your mystery shipment. Continue reading ARE WOOT.COM’S RANDOM BAGS OF CRAP WORTH THE EFFORT?

What’s a BOC? If it’s from WOOT, it’s either a Bucket of Chum or Basket of Candles!

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Well, another one has finally arrived.

The WOOT.COM BOC (affectionately known as a “Bag of Crap”, or any other acronym that contains the letters “B.O.C.”) is here.

As Web Watch previously told you about when we ordered our WOOT BANDOLIER OF CARROTS, WOOT.COM occasionally offers grab bags of assorted merchandise for $3 (plus $5 shipping and handling).  When you place your order, you have no idea what you’re going to get.

Just like the TV show LET’S MAKE A DEAL, sometimes you’ll end up with the most awesome prize ever, or you might get zonked.

Let’s take a look at what Web Watch hauled in this time around for our $8 investment:


The WOOT BAG OF CRAP (aka Bandolier of Carrots) is here!

By web gangsta | Published:

Woot Off Lights
Woot Off Lights

Web Watch likes bargains, and sometimes you end up getting what you pay for.

Take online shopping site WOOT.COM, for example.   For those of you who don’t know, woot.com is an online clearinghouse of discount, discontinued, overstock, and occasional new product introductions.  The catch is that woot.com only sells one item a day – and once they’re sold out, they’re gone.  The bonus – no matter what you buy from woot, shipping is only $5.

So, on occasion when woot is selling phenomenal stuff, like the TIVO SERIES 3 HD DVR (which normally retails for around $400 new) at a woot-tastic price of $169 for a freshly refurbished model – they can sell out relatively quickly, even when users are limited to buying at most three of each sale item.

Then there are the other occasions when woot is selling inexpensive camera tripods for $1 each, and they do everything in their power to get rid of them as fast as possible and still not succeed in putting a dent in the woot inventory before the day is through.

And that latter situation is what brings us to the famous woot-off, because woot needs to do something with the inventory that even they can’t sell. Continue reading THE WOOT BAG OF CRAP (AKA BANDOLIER OF CARROTS) IS HERE!