20% of Spotify will never be heard

By web gangsta | Published:

Spotify is just over five years old, and has over 20 million songs in its library.

That’s how Spotify can provide you a constant stream of music that’s geared to your listening tastes.

Spotify for Dummies
Spotify for Dummies

But if you look at that news release from Spotify, you’ll see one interesting statistic.  That 20,000,000 song library may be just a little bit TOO big.

According to Spotify, there are 20% of their song library that have never been listened to.  Not even once.   How can that be?  A valid music curation service wants to be sure that they have music for every occasion, music that anybody would possibly want to listen to.

But to have a full 20% of a library be.. for lack of a better word… “crap music that nobody would ever want”?  That sounds like a lot of server resources that could be better spent on other product.

That’s the premise behind FORGOTIFY, a website that digs through the Spotify database to find those songs that have never been heard and plays them for you.

You may get some gems, some forgotten B-Sides, or you may end up with some international flavor that nobody outside of that country had ever heard of.  Then you could be first!  You could be the one to introduce those smaller artists to a wider audience!

The scary part of Forgotify is whether you’ll ever see a song or an artist that you’ve heard of or own the album of already.  The chances of this happening aren’t actually that slim — there are a few million songs out there to consider, after all…