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The science behind Penguin Poop

Everything poops.

It’s the “where” and “how” of pooping that makes for a fascinating story.

Take penguins, for instance.

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The Funniest Movies Ever Made

If you were to ask 100 people what they thought was the FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER, you’d likely get 100 different answers.

Luckily, you don’t have to ask for an opinion on the matter when you can use MATH to calculate the answer.

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The best Stand-Up Comedy routines have Four Laughs per Minute (and other comedic tips)

You know what made the Class Clown funny? They knew how to deliver a maximum number of laughs to the classroom before they were kicked out and sent to the Principal’s office.

A good Class Clown knew they had a limited amount of time to deliver, and the best ones would knock it out of the park, every time. You know the ones – those stories that you’re still telling at the 25th or 50th class reunions (embellished over the years or not).

Today’s stand-up comedians don’t just instinctively know and understand how to create and deliver a joke. They work hard at their craft, tweaking and customizing each joke for maximum funny, over years and years of performances.

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The Perfect Wedding Registry Gift

Are you often struggling with what to get a happy bride and groom for their wedding day? Especially in today’s world, where the couple may already have a combined household and already have all the typical gift-registry items that they could possibly want already?

Web Gangsta has the perfect answer for you:

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It’s true! Men really ARE stupider than women!

It’s an old TV sitcom trope, that the family is headed up by a smart mother and a doofus dad who always does doofus things.

While TV writers do this for laughs, maybe their main purpose of this isn’t really because it’s funny if dad is an idiot – maybe TV is just a reflection on life itself.

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The 18 Most Annoying People on Airplanes (including the 0.2% that are never on your flight)

What was the worst airplane experience you’ve ever had, that was entirely attributable to a fellow passenger?

A friend of ours told a story about one passenger who – after a series of unfortunate incidents in the airplane’s bathroom – ended up not wearing a shirt for the duration of the flight. How would you like to end up sitting next to THAT guy? ¬†Oh, there was a logical explanation of how he ended up in that predicament, but did you really want to ask the question in the first place?

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What does your dog do when you leave the house?

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you leave the house?

Apparently, they like to climb up onto the bed and cry.

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Video Fun: The Singing Portapotty!

How can you hate singing portapotties?