The latest wedding day trend: Brides wearing a “Bridal Diaper”

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Brides have it rough on their wedding day – for a day oft-celebrated as a Girl’s Happiest Day, the bride may not be celebrating as much as other members of her wedding party are.

The primary reason that you don’t see brides eating or drinking as much as they would like that day is not because they’re stressed out, or too busy to do so, or hopped up on tranquilizers.

No, it ends up that many brides choose not to eat or drink on their wedding day because THEY DON’T WANT TO USE THE BATHROOM WHILE WEARING THEIR WEDDING DRESS.  Some brides are taking their wedding undergarments to the extreme by wearing BRIDAL DIAPERS to help get them through the ceremony and reception.

Yes, those sexy garters and other fun, lacy items have been replaced with super-absorbent padding under that chiffon.

And while bridal diaper stories are appearing all over the Internet this week, this apparently is not a new trend, either:

  • Back in 2007, someone asked about BRIDAL DIAPERS on Yahoo! Answers.  While some people posted that bridal diapers have been around for years, many posters suggested that helping a bride with her gown in the bathroom was one of many obligations that the bridesmaids have to handle.  As one poster said, “helping you make pee pee’s is actually one of your maid of honors duties. But try to avoid the doody, if you know what I mean”
  • In 2006, a bride-to-be said that her cousin was talking with a wedding dress shop manager, who recommended bridal diapers for those brides with overly complicated dresses.  As to what the manager meant, wasn’t exactly clear.

The best explanation about WHAT IS A BRIDAL DIAPER seems to be from 2008, where a user on ALL EXPERTS stated that a bridal diaper isn’t a diaper at all… but a diaper cover to make the actual Depends (or other urine-approved underpant) not be visible underneath the dress.  Your best bet is to ask at a wedding dress store for something to match the dress.

Web Watch’s good friends over at THE FRISKY had this to say about their bridal diaper research:  “most brides who do this use regular adult diapers, but then put frilly or satin diaper covers over them, like panties”  Makes sense to us.

So in the spirit of entertainment for other Web Watch readers — how many of you have actually seen the bridal diaper situation in real life, or is this just another amusing urban legend of something that happened to your best friend’s cousin’s sister?

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I think bridal diapers are a great idea! i have been to quite a few weddings over the years and have seen diapers and plastic pants on the flower girls and a couple of older junior brides,but never a bride makes sense tho that a bride in her big poofy dress would have a hard to time going to the bathroom and having to have one or two bridesmaids help her.some people may think its gross,but wearing a bridal diaper would save time and hassle on your big day.

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