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How to date someone who is out of your league

Everyone is always looking to date someone that is smarter, richer, better looking than themselves in order to up their own self-esteem or impressions from others.

It’s called DATING OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, and there’s a study that talks about how we all are aware of that hierarchy.

Here’s the details from that study:

  • People tend to date folks who are “about 25% more desireable” than themselves
  • Men can expect replies on messages sent out on dating apps about 20% of the time
  • Women with post-graduate degrees are less desirable than women with undergrad degrees

But here’s the main takeaway that we all should pay attention to:

  • A woman’s average desirability begins to drop from the time she’s 18 years old.
  • A man’s average desirability peaks around 50 years old.

Your phone is hurting your dating life

iPhone? Android? Jitterbug?

You should be careful about which phone you choose, as that choice could decide who you end up dating.

According to DECLUTTR, 70% of people would rather date someone with an iPhone over someone with an Android device.

Women will avoid someone with an older phone model. And if you have a cracked screen, you better get that fixed before going on a date — 1/3 of people thought it reflected poorly on their companion.

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The type of dog you own can indicate whether you’re prone to cheating on your spouse

Given the plethora of cheaters out there, there have to be some outside indicators that could predict whether the person you’re dating or married to is more inclined to cheat on you or not.

It turns out there is:

Dogs Playing Poker
Dogs Playing Poker

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Korean women are getting the most unusual hair transplants

Women overseas are almost always the first to try new fashion trends.  From France to Japan to Brazil – other countries are often at the forefront of what we’ll be seeing American women adopt in the upcoming months and years.

But do we think that Korea’s latest fashion trend will catch on?

Stop Smirking at my Merkin
Stop Smirking at my Merkin


Quick: name the two rarest sexual fantasies people have

You have a fantasy that you haven’t told anybody about, don’t you?

It’s all in your head, and that’s okay. A fantasy isn’t a fantasy if it becomes real, right?

Britney Spears Women's Fantasy
Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy


A fast, easy, and inexpensive way to analyze your DNA

Have you ever wondered about your family? What makes you… you?

Want to give someone a unique Christmas gift that is as unique as the recipient is…. because the gift IS the recipient themselves?


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Social Media is just like Chocolate and French Fries

There’s an old adage about how french fries at the bottom of the McDonald’s bag always taste better than the french fries in the container.

Maybe that’s why FIVE GUYS loads up that fry bag with extra fries, because they know that the fries in the bag taste better than the fries in the cup.

It’s like BONUS FRIES!

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The right and wrong reasons to go on a blind date

If you’ve been on a blind date, then you know the ritual: the awkward handshake to start, the awkward dinner and small talk, the awkward “should we kiss, hug, shake hands” moment at the end of the date, the awkward “how to say no to date number two” moment.

Oh, the list goes on.

Your Body Belongs to You
Your Body Belongs to You