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How many dates should you have before saying, “I Love You”?

Web Watch knows one couple who decided to get married after just one month of dating — and they’ve been happily married ever since.

There’s another couple we know that have been together for about a year… yet they haven’t yet appeared at an event together as a couple.  Friends are still asking when they’ll get to meet the other half – or if they ever will.

When it comes to dating, some people have specific rules:  no kissing until the third date, for example.  Or no sex until at least after meeting the parents (because meeting the parents represents a significant step forward in ones’ relationship).

Loved you yesterday Love you still wall saying
“Loved you yesterday Love you still” wall saying

So when 100,000 people were asked for their DATING MILESTONES, here is what they came up with as the expected timelines that everyone should follow, on average:

  • Saying “I Love You”: date 14
  • Average number of dates per week with a new partner: 2
  • First kiss:  either 2 dates or 1 week into the dating timeline
  • First time having sex:  either 4 dates or two weeks

So sex usually comes before the “I Love You” portion of the dating lifecycle.  Interesting.

  • That first introduction to friends:  6 dates, or three weeks
  • That first introduction to parents: 12 dates, or 6 weeks
  • Moving in with each other: 30 weeks, or 60 dates

What about you?  What are yourPersonal Dating Milestones?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…