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7 Underwear Features that Consumers Demand Most

How much time have you spent contemplating your underwear?

Ladies – we all know that you have segregated your underwear drawer into “everyday”, “date night”, “special occasion”, and “laundry day” categories.  There may be more, but women seldom like to be privvy to their private stash.

Men, on the other hand, have “everyday”, “laundry”, and “not quite laundry”.

The Underwear Book
The Underwear Book

But through all the differences in how men and women view their underwear, most will agree that there are CERTAIN FEATURES THAT CONSUMERS LOOK FOR in their underwear purchases.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, it should come as no surprise that the number one most desired feature in underwear is that one’s briefs be made out of cool, soft cotton.  82% of those surveyed prefer cotton over other fabrics like bamboo or synthetics.  And this isn’t just a generic preference — both men and women said they’d pay MORE to ensure that their underwear was made of natural fibers.

People just aren’t fans of synthetics in sensitive areas, it seems.

And what are the other UNDERWEAR FEATURES that consumers want most, aside from being made of cotton?  They are:

  • 53%:  easy to care for
  • 52%:  have a little bit of “stretch” in the material
  • 20%:  wicks moisture
  • 18%:  resists odor
  • 13%: anti-microbial
  • 8%:  controls temperature

We guess that we shouldn’t be surprised that consumers desire underwear that resists odor and is anti-microbial.  After all, you should remember that Web Watch previously told you HOW MUCH POOP YOUR UNDERWEAR CONTAINS.

No wonder those two items made the list of required underwear features.

Hey – it beats going commando, right?