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New high-tech underwear for women promises to keep you dry and odor-free

Knock Out Panties
Knock Out Panties

Angela Newman is a woman on a mission.

Much like the heralded Sara Blakely who created Spanx because she was looking for underwear and nylons that served a specific purpose (footless pantyhose, and super-supportive Spandex), Angela had an underwear problem that she wanted to solve.

One could say that this problem frustrated her so much that she literally got her panties in a wad.

Okay, we’ll stop the puns with that one — but it’s true: Angela was unhappy with how her standard cotton underwear felt at the end of a long day or coming home from the gym.

Yes, it really was a not-so-fresh feeling. 

But Angela had an idea — she figured that she could make underwear with a fabris that would literally clean itself, leaving the panties with no discernable wetness or odor.  According to the marketing materials, these panties use the same technology that Febreze uses, a “special odor-binding molecule”.

That’s when she invented KNOCK OUT PANTIES.

These panties aren’t your typical 3-for-$10 that you might find at your local discount store. 

No, these will set you back starting at $24 for a single pair of panties.    But really, isn’t $24 a small price to pay for a day of odor- and wetness- protection?

So this begs the question:  what’s the most money you’ve ever spent on a pair of fancy underwear for yourself?  And was that price worth it to you?   Leave your answers in the comments below…