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How much does an eSports player earn?

eSports is turning into a big business these days.

So how much money can a professional eSports video game player earn as a career?  Let’s take a look at what the ATLANTA HAWKS ARE PAYING THEIR eSPORTS PLAYERS in the newly purchased NBA2K league team that they’re fielding:

Each 2K team consists of six players (one being a sub), with six-month salaries that range from $32,000-$35,000 salary. Players can also earn money from endorsements, meaning the top gamers likely earned six-figure incomes in their first year. The Hawks will also pay for housing, relocation, medical insurance and a retirement plan. Professionals in the Overwatch League, receive similar perks plus a $50,000 minimum base salary during the season.

So if parents are concerned about the viability of their children becoming professional video game players, they probably shouldn’t worry. Heathcare and retirement benefits? COUNT US IN!


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How to be happy in six easy steps

Being happy does not come naturally to everybody.

Some people are just happy in general, others need a bit of coaxing before that smile will appear on their face.

There are always those people who are shuffle through life with a perpetual cloud over their head.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.


The less competent your boss is, the more you hate your job

Do you love your job?

Like, REALLY REALLY love your job?

It’s one thing to love what you do or the company that you work for. But the job itself – how much do you really like THAT position in THAT department with THOSE co-workers?

Yeah, we thought so.  Depending on the circumstances, you really could be happier elsewhere – whether it be under a different management structure in the same organization, or doing a similar job at a different company.

See, it’s not the WORK that you’re unhappy with, it’s the environment.

Dilbert's Pointy-Hair Boss
Dilbert’s Pointy-Hair Boss

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Need to Poop at Work but suffer from Bathroom Anxiety? Check out these four handy tips

We all have done it, or know someone who has.

There’s the guy who flips the newspaper under his arm and makes a big production of heading down the hall for his morning constitutional. There’s the woman who takes WAY too long in the far stall to not have something medically wrong with her.

There’s those that abuse the single-seater, and those that stink up the community space.

How to Poo at Work
How to Poo At Work

10 Things


Not everybody has a safe desk job these days. There are still people out there that are required to make this country run. Without them working hard, working diligently behind the scenes doing all that awesome grunt work, this place would fall apart.

We need men and women in these roles. They’re good at what they do, and the world is a better place because of them.  Nobody ever aspires to be a desk jockey when growing up. Fantasy playtime often involves these career paths.

The Dangerous Book for Boys
The Dangerous Book for Boys

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Worst, Overused Corporate Buzzwords

We all have played BUZZWORD BINGO in our office meetings, conferences, and presentations.

Sometimes those corporate phrases are appropriate. Other times, it’s just a talking head trying to sound more important than they really are.  Everyone knows they have a job to do (one would think), so we don’t need the demotivating words and phrases that oft-repeated without any real substance behind them.

The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit: An A to Z Lexicon of Empty, Enraging, and Just Plain Stupid Office Talk
The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit:
An A to Z Lexicon of Empty, Enraging, and
Just Plain Stupid Office Talk


How much money do chefs make?

If you’re a foodie and you haven’t had a chance to catch John Favreau’s film CHEF yet, then stop right now and go watch it.  We’ll wait.


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These professions drink more coffee than any job

A lot of people can’t start their day without a good cup of coffee.

Some employers have even discovered (like they should be surprised) that providing FREE COFFEE to their staff actually increases workers’ productivity and happiness vs those companies where coffee isn’t readily available.

Royal Kona Private Reserve 100% Pure Kona Coffee Whole Bean
Royal Kona Private Reserve
100% Pure Kona Coffee Whole Bean