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Need to Poop at Work but suffer from Bathroom Anxiety? Check out these four handy tips

We all have done it, or know someone who has.

There’s the guy who flips the newspaper under his arm and makes a big production of heading down the hall for his morning constitutional. There’s the woman who takes WAY too long in the far stall to not have something medically wrong with her.

There’s those that abuse the single-seater, and those that stink up the community space.

How to Poo at Work
How to Poo At Work

Yes, it’s about time that we’ve shared with you these FOUR HANDY TIPS TO MAKE POOPING AT THE OFFICE A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL:

  1. No talking in the bathroom. Every stall in the place has a “cone of silence” surrounding it. Respect the quiet, serene space that the washroom provides
  2. Don’t use your electronics while sitting on the toilet. No texting, no Candy Crush, no replying to emails.  Look, we know people are doing this, but at least turn off all sounds while doing so.
  3. Spritz.  If your bathroom is lucky enough to have a can of deodorizer lying around, then be kind and spray a little something in the bowl to make it slightly more pleasant for the next person
  4. Try to keep a tidy bowl. And sink. And floor.  If you don’t care enough to clean up after yourself, who will?  Double-flush, wipe down the seat when you’re done, etc.  Be as nice to the next person in your situation as the previous one was to you