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How bad is your office bathroom? So bad that nobody wants to wash their hands there

Web Watch has seen some pretty stinky office bathrooms, both literally and figuratively.

There was one office bathroom where you had to get the key from the receptionist at the front desk, as locking the door was the only way to keep non-employees from using a bathroom that they weren’t supposed to have access to.  We’re sure the receptionist didn’t like knowing each individual’s bathroom habits any more than we liked having to share them with her.

There was the office restroom that didn’t have any stall doors.

The bathroom that perpetually smelled like rotten fish.

And then there was the building that had a serial pooper.  Every two weeks or so, a stranger would wander into the building and spread feces all over the men’s and women’s restrooms.  This went on for about three months, until security was finally able to identify the mentally-challenged person and have them taken to a location that could help them.

So when Web Watch says that we know a bad office bathroom situation when we see – or smell – one, believe it.


And we’re not alone in our feeling that the CLEANLINESS OF THE OFFICE BATHROOM is a reflection on the company itself.  The cleaner the bathroom, the better the company feels about their workers.

At least, that’s what 83% of those surveyed felt about their office restroom.   A happy pooper is a happy pooper.

But for those 34% of office workers who do not feel that their worker toilet environment is up-to-snuff, the three most common complaints are:

  • Clogged or unflushed toilets
  • Bad smells.  REALLY bad smells.
  • Empty or jammed toilet paper or towel dispensers.

But the biggest complaint was all about hand washing… or the lack thereof.

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing your office IT staff leaving the restroom without washing their hands, and knowing that they’re about to handle your computer keyboard and mouse with those same germ-filled hands.


11% of those surveyed said that they frequently see people leave the office restroom without washing their hands.   And that figure – while scary sounding – is actually below the national average.

The national average of non-hand-washing sightings in public restrooms is around 30%.

That’s right – almost one-third of those people who use public restrooms are not washing their hands at all.

Kinda makes you want to go high-five some folks with a baby wipe, right?

So are you a hand-washer, or are you one of those people who say that your Momma taught you to never pee on your hands?