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Top 5 Indicators of a Dirty Restaurant Kitchen

If there’s one thing that you should make note of, it’s the FOOD SAFETY INSPECTION notices that are posted in your local restaurants.

There are only two reasons why an Inspection Score is not posted: the manager forgot to do so, or the score is embarrassing to the owner/manager.

The former is seldom likely to happen, as not having the score posted itself is a violation to be noted on the next review.  The latter is more the case.  Some locations do everything they can to hide a low score from being visible to the inquiring public, from placing it far away behind a counter – visible, but not readable; to placing it behind other paperwork on the wall – also visible, but obscured.

We do know of one fast-food chain location that was so proud of their “100 out of 100” score that they made a 2′ x 3′ poster of the inspection and placed it at the front door. No hiding from that.

The Restaurant Manager's Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service OperationThe Restaurant Manager’s Handbook:
How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage
a Financially Successful Food Service Operation


Doctors don’t wash their hands

Web Watch cringes every time we see a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL WEAR SCRUBS outside of the office.

We’ve told you about DIRTY STETHOSCOPES.

Guess what else is on our shock list?

Wash Brush Floss Flush
Wash Brush Floss Flush

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How to avoid getting norovirus on a cruise ship

Cruise ship.  Norovirus.

These two words, when seen together, can cause panic amongst new cruise ship vacationers who don’t know what they’re about to get themselves into.

Just a little bit of E.Coli can cause significant gastronomical distress on a cruise ship, and no amount of handwashing or Purell will erase the memory of a vacation gone bad in the aftermath of spending day upon day stuck (almost literally) to your stateroom toilet.

You’ll be lucky if you have a balcony – at least then you’d be able to air out the room and maybe see a little bit of the sights inbetween your bathroom runs.

Top 100 Cruising Tips for Beginners
Top 100 Cruising Tips for Beginners

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Men still don’t wash their hands in the office bathroom

Office bathrooms are usually a stinky, awful mess.

You have any number of people who don’t wipe down counters, pick up paper towels off the floor.  And is there really a need in an adult environment to have to post a sign that says, “do not flush paper towels, they will clog the toilet”?  How many people are really doing this?  Who’s taking paper towels into the toilet stall in the first place?  Are they really that much more comfortable than the typical office toilet paper to use?  Really?  REALLY?

Mickey Mouse Hand Wash
Mickey Mouse Hand Wash

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Americans do not wash their hands during flu season

The CDC says that the number one method you have at your disposal to prevent getting the flu this season is to wash your hands on a regular basis.

But apparently, Americans just don’t like to listen to common sense.

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How bad is your office bathroom? So bad that nobody wants to wash their hands there

Web Watch has seen some pretty stinky office bathrooms, both literally and figuratively.

There was one office bathroom where you had to get the key from the receptionist at the front desk, as locking the door was the only way to keep non-employees from using a bathroom that they weren’t supposed to have access to.  We’re sure the receptionist didn’t like knowing each individual’s bathroom habits any more than we liked having to share them with her.

There was the office restroom that didn’t have any stall doors.

The bathroom that perpetually smelled like rotten fish.

And then there was the building that had a serial pooper.  Every two weeks or so, a stranger would wander into the building and spread feces all over the men’s and women’s restrooms.  This went on for about three months, until security was finally able to identify the mentally-challenged person and have them taken to a location that could help them.

So when Web Watch says that we know a bad office bathroom situation when we see – or smell – one, believe it.