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Tales from the Office Bathroom: Office Bathroom Rules

The office bathroom, as Web Watch has pointed out many times before, can be a nasty place.

But, as life happens, so does having to use the office bathroom at some point during your work day.  (What, you’re going to go down the street to the McDonald’s?  No, you’re going to do your business in the more immediate area. You know you will.)

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Just a Drop
America’s Favorite Bathroom Odor Eliminator

So let’s think about the standard Office Bathroom Rules that should generally be followed.  First, there’s the long-standing “No talking”.  The office bathroom should be a quiet place, appropriate for self-reflection and no annoying distractions.

Second, don’t bring any paperwork with you – especially anything that would be handed out or passed around the table to others in your next meeting.  No bathroom break is so urgent that you can’t leave the papers on a file cabinet or desk chair outside the bathroom door as you head in to take care of things.

Third, leave the cell phones in your pocket.  You don’t want to look like you’re taking pictures of your co-workers, and you certainly don’t want to COVER YOUR CELL PHONE IN FECAL MATTER.

And most importantly — stay out of OUR FAVORITE BATHROOM STALL in case we need to use it.

Yes, according to a recent survey, 49% OF OFFICE WORKERS HAVE A FAVORITE TOILET STALL IN THEIR OFFICE BATHROOM that they prefer to use over all others.  This preference is so strong for some that they would rather wait until that stall was free and available rather than go and use a different space.

So what’s your office bathroom rule you’d want to add to this list? Do you agree that you have a favorite stall preference?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…