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Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2015

Playboy Magazine continues their tradition of evaluating today’s collegiate lifestyle culture and selecting those colleges that they feel are the ULTIMATE PARTY SCHOOLS for 2015.

And that’s why Web Watch feels that we should also continue OUR tradition of sharing these 2015 PARTY SCHOOLS with you, since we’ve been covering this very important topic for more than a decade.


The less competent your boss is, the more you hate your job

Do you love your job?

Like, REALLY REALLY love your job?

It’s one thing to love what you do or the company that you work for. But the job itself – how much do you really like THAT position in THAT department with THOSE co-workers?

Yeah, we thought so.  Depending on the circumstances, you really could be happier elsewhere – whether it be under a different management structure in the same organization, or doing a similar job at a different company.

See, it’s not the WORK that you’re unhappy with, it’s the environment.

Dilbert's Pointy-Hair Boss
Dilbert’s Pointy-Hair Boss

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Need to Poop at Work but suffer from Bathroom Anxiety? Check out these four handy tips

We all have done it, or know someone who has.

There’s the guy who flips the newspaper under his arm and makes a big production of heading down the hall for his morning constitutional. There’s the woman who takes WAY too long in the far stall to not have something medically wrong with her.

There’s those that abuse the single-seater, and those that stink up the community space.

How to Poo at Work
How to Poo At Work


If adults could have just one wish, here’s what they’d REALLY wish for

If you were an adult and were granted one wish that could be fulfilled, what would you wish for?

And wishing for a SEXY TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE really wouldn’t count. Try and be practical with your answer here, folks.

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume
Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume


What would you save if your home was on fire?

How many of you are diligent about backing up your computer files? Do you have them on a DVD or memory stick, safely put away in a safety deposit box down the street?

Do you have a safe at your home, where you keep your passports, car titles, birth certificates and other important papers?

Or do you figure that there’s nothing that’s so important that you can’t get another copy of it somewhere else?

SentrySafe 1200PK Pink BCA Fire Chest
SentrySafe 1200PK Pink BCA Fire Chest


When attending a party, how late is too late?

Are you habitually early for appointments, or are you the type of person who is always showing up 10 minutes late?

Do you purposefully set your clocks ahead five minutes, to give yourself the impression that you’ll be on time if you only think that it’s 5 minutes later than it actually is?

Fashionably Late
Fashionably Late


It only takes $77,000 to be in the top 10% of the world’s wealthiest people

It seems like only yesterday that Web Watch told you how you only needed $47,000 TO BE IN THE TOP 1%, money-wise.

My, how times have changed.

How To Save Money: A 21-Day Challenge To Save $500/Month
How To Save Money:
A 21-Day Challenge To Save $500/Month

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Playboy’s List of Top Party Schools 2014

What does it take to be named one of PLAYBOY’S TOP PARTY SCHOOLS of the year?

A little bit of fun, a little bit of music, a little bit of sun, very little clothing, and maybe a whole lot of alcohol?  Yeah, pretty much.

Girls of the Playboy Party Schools REVEALED
Girls of the Playboy Party Schools REVEALED!