Women are less competent if they have a lot of bedroom partners

How many sexual partners have you had over your lifetime?

Whether it’s just zero or one, or more than 100, the number of partners that you’ve engaged with has made you who you are today – for better or for worse (although we hope it’s for the better, no matter which your choice has been).

But while you may (or may not) be comfortable with the number of partners you’ve had, you still have to deal with others’ perception of you based on that number.

Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion
Mars and Venus in the Bedroom:
A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion

And Web Watch isn’t even talking about in the bedroom or on the first date when the topic most often comes up in new relationships – you know, that inevitable “how many people have you slept with” conversation.

No, we’re talking about the perception of you by others once they learn of what your magic number happens to be.

A RECENT STUDY FROM CORNELL UNIVERSITY talked about people’s judgement of promiscuous women.  And it shows that people can be a relatively judgemental lot.

Study participants were shown an image of “Joan” and then asked to rate her.  Two different groups were given the exact same information about Joan, except one group was told that she had slept with just two people in her lifetime, while the other group was told that Joan slept around a bit more – and had 20 partners.

The group that saw Joan as a little bit of a slut said that Joan was less competent than the more virginal Joan.

Again, it’s all perception.

They also rated Slut Joan as being more warm, emotionally stable, and dominant than the Joan the Non-Slut – traits which many view as being positive.