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The Top Grossing Mobile Games (July 2020)

It’s been a while since Web Watch has looked at the TOP GROSSING VIDEO GAMES for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Let’s take a look at which games people are paying to play this month:


Now you can play practically any classic video game ever made, all in your browser

Remember how excited you were a couple of years ago when Web Watch told you about the ATARI ARCADE website, where you could play any number of classic Atari games online?

How would you like something a little better?  It’s not quite Minecraft, but its pretty darn close.

Atari 2600
Atari 2600

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How much did you pay for your video gaming console system? (Probably too much)

How many video game consoles have you owned over the years?

If you’re of a certain age, we’ll assume at least one Atari, one Playstation, and one XBox – but there were dozens of other systems that you likely have rotting away in your closet right now.

Intellivion Greatest Hits
Intellivision Greatest Hits

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Top 10 Grossing Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android (July 2014)

It’s all about the money when it comes to apps. And making money? Well, that’s why we make ’em.

These aren’t necessarily the most popular apps out there – but they are the ones that are raking in the most money – most likely via in-app purchases.  And really, is it any surprise that the majority of these hit money-making apps are games?  No, not really.

Let’s take a look at who’s making the money this month:

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You’ll never guess which video game was named the Best Video Game of All Time!

When one thinks of VIDEO GAMES, you don’t really think that POPULAR MECHANICS would be considered an authority on the subject.

You’d be wrong.

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Behind the Scenes at The Price is Right

THE PRICE IS RIGHT is one of those eternal game shows that everybody – and we mean EVERYBODY – loves. It’s been around for years, it’s easy enough for anyone to play (unlike Jeopardy or the Scripps Spelling Bee where we just gasp in awe at a few folks’ brilliance).

And it truly features everyday people on the show.  It’s good family fun all around.

The Price is Right
The Price is Right

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Top 10 Grossing Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android (June 2014)

We have a new entry on the iPhone list this month of the highest grossing smartphone apps – Family Guy!   And could we finally see a dating app break into the Top Ten?  We’ll have to wait and see…


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50% of mobile gaming revenue comes from 10% of the players

How much money do mobile game makers take in on their games?

Like Web Watch has told you before, Candy Crush was pulling in around $850,000 a day from just a handful of their users.

But we’ve uncovered a bit more information about how the mobile gaming financial numbers are playing out across the board when all revenues are looked at.

Mobile & Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics, Second Edition
Mobile & Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics, Second Edition