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What was the best video game system ever made?

Web Watch has owned a fair number of home video game systems over the years.

Among others, we’ve had your basic PONG machine, the classic Atari 2600, a Nintendo Game Boy, Turbografx 16, Xbox, various Playstations, and a Wii.  An entire industry could be devoted to the number of random game cartridges we have lying around for defunct (or soon to be defunct) systems.

Nintendo Wii U Console - 32GB Black Deluxe Set
Nintendo Wii U Console
32GB Black Deluxe Set

But what it comes down to, for any gaming system, is whether the games that are available on that system are the ones you want to play.

Want to play HALO? You’re locked into paying Microsoft a bit of money for the privilege.  Prefer a little bit of Mario in your life? Then you’re locked into the world of Nintendo systems.

It’s never easy to choose something new, unproven.

So that’s what the game retailer GAME came up with when they decided to survey over 2000 of their customers to decide which GAME CONSOLE WAS THE ULTIMATE out of every game console ever made.

Surprisingly, at 15% of the vote was the NINTENDO WII.  Maybe it has something to do with Wii Bowling being pretty much the ultimate family/party game, suitable for all ages.

In 2nd place was the XBOX 360.  It’s more than a game machine.  But then again, so is the 3rd place system, the PLAYSTATION 3.

After that, the list falls into a shambles.  Obviously, Web Watch can’t trust any listing of classic video game systems that leaves out the TurboGrafx, the Atari 2600, or the Mattel Intellivision.  Each are classics in their own right… and unless the 2600 was in some mysterious Hall of Fame and ineligible to be selected, Web Watch will look at the rest of the Top Ten list with a grain of salt.

What’s your opinion of what should the Best Video Game System of All Time should be?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…