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Would you like to own the World’s Largest Video Game Collection?

Michael Thommason has something that he doesn’t want anymore.  And YOU can be the person to take it off his hands.

Guinness World Records - Gaming Edition
Guinness World Records – Gaming Edition

Michael has accumulated over 13,600 different video games over the years – a collection large enough for Guinness to name it the WORLD’S LARGEST VIDEO GAME COLLECTION.  And now he’s trying to sell the entire collection (for personal reasons; he’d love to keep the collection if he could, but sometimes life gets in the way of passion).

As we write this, the collection is bid up to over $90,000 for the entire kit and kaboodle.

If you want to view the entire list of games – pop over to Michael’s website and browse through the collection.  It’s worth taking a look just to see the history of where video games were that captured our attention, and compare that to where we are today.  Heck, you may even see a game listed that you totally fell in love with over 25 years ago, but completely forgot about it until you saw it listed on Michael’s site.

Hey look – K.C. Munchkin!   Oh, the memories….   what were YOUR go-to games back in the day that you’d like to play again, if even for just a few minutes to remind yourself how awfully simplistic it was?