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What’s the best cat breed for your personality?

Some people are better suited for certain types of cats. Scratch that: some cats are better suited for certain types of people.

But if you’re in the market for a cat, how would you know which type of cat you should go out and get? It’s not as easy as just picking one out of a catalog (get it, CATalog? Sigh. Never mind.)

But it ends up that maybe your personality type can lead you to the type of cat that would work best for you.

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Where can I find personalized cat sneakers?

Have you ever wanted to take your cat with you everywhere you go?

Now you can, with these PERSONALIZED CAT SNEAKERS

Just send in a photo of your cat and any other details that you want printed on your shoe, and in just a few short weeks you’ll be the proud owner of a pair of kicks with your favorite tabby looking back at you.


10 Things

The type of dog you own can indicate whether you’re prone to cheating on your spouse

Given the plethora of cheaters out there, there have to be some outside indicators that could predict whether the person you’re dating or married to is more inclined to cheat on you or not.

It turns out there is:

Dogs Playing Poker
Dogs Playing Poker

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What does your dog do when you leave the house?

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you leave the house?

Apparently, they like to climb up onto the bed and cry.


Would you like to buy an alpaca? They’re going CHEAP!

If you’ve ever wanted to own an alpaca, the market trend right now is that they are not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

Alpacas are calm, easy-going animals with incredible fur to be used in all sort of clothing products, if knitting is your thing.  We know a number of people who own alpacas (or llamas, or chickens, or pigs… a surprising number of friends own pigs), and they think owning an alpaca is the greatest thing.

Alpaca Plush
Alpaca Plush

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The Ultimate (and inexpensive!) Christmas Gift for your Dog

If you’re one of those people who like to give your dog Christmas presents, but are concerned that you might be spoiling them just a little bit, here’s a brilliant way to handle both your love for your dog and your love of recycling:


Latest defense against cancer? Cat Poop

Medical researchers are always looking for the Next Big Discovery in their quest to prevent cancer.

Maybe they’ve found something that’s been just under our noses all this time:

Barbie Potty Training Blissa Barbie Fashion Doll and Pet Playset
Barbie Potty Training
 Fashion Doll and Pet Playset


It’s BACON – and it’s KOSHER for Passover!

Everybody is familiar with what “kosher” food is, right?  You see the little “circle K” or “circle U” on food labels as the indicator of that product meeting certain religious preparation standards.

For example, for the longest time Oreo cookies were never kosher – sweet tooths had to be satisfied by eating Hydrox cookies instead.

Passover, on the other hand, has a more special label and marketing behind it at the supermarket.  That’s where you may see a more elaborate display indicating foods that are “Certified Kosher for Passover” rather than being merely “kosher”.

Kosher for Passover requires the food to be made without ingredients that shouldn’t be eaten during the Passover holiday – this food, like Wonder Bread and cakes and most beers – all contain yeast.  And yeast is apparently evil of evils and must be disposed of before the Passover seder can begin.  All those foods that can’t be eaten during Passover are classified as “chometz”.

But guess what?  Bacon – and we’re talking full-on pork bacon, not that whimpy turkey bacon – can be classified and eaten as “Kosher for Passover”.