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Prom on a budget: tips for a cheap date

Strapless Prom Dress
Strapless Prom Dress

It’s that time of year again, when young men and women hit their parents up for more money to pay for a prom night that will end up costing more than the parents’ wedding did 18 years earlier.

And prom night isn’t getting any cheaper as the years go on.  That’s why DealTaker has come up these TIPS FOR HAVING A LESS-EXPENSIVE PROM NIGHT:

  • When it comes to women’s prom dresses, why not go with a dress that you can accessorize for the prom, but is basic enough to be worn more than once for other occasions?  And Web Watch can attest that buying a proper tuxedo will save you money in the long run over renting one… assuming that you’ll get at least two or three wearings out of it in down the road.
  • Try to order your flowers together with your date; you may get a discount for doing so
  • Share a limo with classmates.  Or drive yourself.  Or have your cool neighbor or aunt/uncle drive you in their awesome car.
  • Don’t splurge on the after-prom party.  Keep it cheap and easy – like your prom date.
  • Hair, makeup. and spa treatments can all be done inexpensively.  See if there is a cosmetic or hair salon training class nearby, or use YouTube for quick tips

DealTaker has some links to various deal sites that can help you maximize your budget for each of the above tips, so be sure to check that link out for details.