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Looking for a Prom theme for this year? Try one of these…

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when young love turns to thoughts of spending Mom & Dad’s money on outrageous limo fees, overpriced dinners in linen tablecloth restaurants, ill-fitting tuxedos, dresses with WAY too little fabric, and a hotel room for the “after party” (if you know what we mean).

Yes, it’s prom season.

And it can be costly — last year, VISA REPORTED that the average prom family was spending upwards of $1,078 each for their kids to have the night of their young, impressionable lives.

And for the rest of us who have the joy of watching the restaurants around us get booked for weekend-upon weekend by loud — and occasionally first-time-drunk — teenagers, the biggest question we want to know the answer to is WHAT’S THE PROM THEME THIS YEAR?

10 Things shopping

Prom on a budget: tips for a cheap date

Strapless Prom Dress
Strapless Prom Dress

It’s that time of year again, when young men and women hit their parents up for more money to pay for a prom night that will end up costing more than the parents’ wedding did 18 years earlier.

And prom night isn’t getting any cheaper as the years go on.¬† That’s why DealTaker has come up these¬†TIPS FOR HAVING A LESS-EXPENSIVE PROM NIGHT: