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Looking for a Prom theme for this year? Try one of these…

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when young love turns to thoughts of spending Mom & Dad’s money on outrageous limo fees, overpriced dinners in linen tablecloth restaurants, ill-fitting tuxedos, dresses with WAY too little fabric, and a hotel room for the “after party” (if you know what we mean).

Yes, it’s prom season.

And it can be costly — last year, VISA REPORTED that the average prom family was spending upwards of $1,078 each for their kids to have the night of their young, impressionable lives.

And for the rest of us who have the joy of watching the restaurants around us get booked for weekend-upon weekend by loud — and occasionally first-time-drunk — teenagers, the biggest question we want to know the answer to is WHAT’S THE PROM THEME THIS YEAR?

How I Created My Perfect Prom Date
How I Created My Perfect Prom Date

Sure, there are the old prom theme standbys:  Titanic, One Night in Heaven, Good Riddance (that obligatory Green Day reference).

But for the more creative folks, what are OTHER PROM THEMES we should expect to hear about?

According to SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, this year’s prom themes will include the following suggestions:

  • Casino
  • Avatar
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Candyland
  • Masquerade
  • Mardis Gras

And maybe Seventeen isn’t that far off the mark.  A casual browse through online surveys from Prom Planning Committees have revealed these options are coming this spring to high school gymnasiums near you:

  • Masquerade Ball
  • Casino Night
  • Hollywood Glamor (Red Carpet Event)
  • A Night in Paris
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Fire and Ice
  • 20’s Red Carpet / Great Gatsby
  • A Night in NYC
  • Come Fly With Me
  • Fairytales Come True
  • Eygpt
  • 1950’s
  • Hollywood
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Arabian Nights
  • Forever in the Twilight
  • Color Me Paris
  • A Cinderella Story
  • Enchanted Kingdom
  • For Only One Night
  • Starry Night
  • An Unforgetable Night in Vegas
  • “Ahoy Matey, it’s Party Time” (aka Pirate theme)
  • Life is Groovy / 1960’s
  • Old Hollywood
  • Neon

Web Watch will throw out the following song-themed options for proms this year. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see these top the charts for a while:

  • We Are Young
  • One More Night
  • Gangnam Style
  • Diamonds
  • Ho Hey
  • Some Nights
  • You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful
  • Live While We’re Young
  • Don’t Stop the Party

Songs not on the list?  “Die Young”.  Not really appropriate for a prom theme.  Same goes for “Somebody That I Used To Know.”  “Red Solo Cup”, on the other hand… that would make for a fun prom theme, wouldn’t it?

Of course, some schools are doing away with surveying the prom-attending class entirely for their feelings on a particular prom theme.  As one prom planning committee so nicely shared with their classmates:

“We’re very sorry to inform you that we’ve already decided what will be our theme this year.  We didn’t bother to conduct a survey anymore because we think its best if we could just decide it ourselves to avoid killing time.”