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How to be a Cirque du Soleil Contortionist

Cirque Du Soleil Anniversary Collection
Cirque Du Soleil Anniversary Collection

At last count, Web Watch has seen 14 different Cirque du Soleil shows –which, at an average ticket price of $100 apiece, plus concessions and otherwise, means that we’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on Guy Laliberte’s entertainment empire.

And every cent so far we consider money well spent.  Each production has been thoroughly entertaining and exciting.

One question we’re oft wondered is what it takes to be a Cirque du Soleil performer.  And while a lot of this was answered in the phenomenal reality series FIRE WITHIN on Bravo (seriously, it was awesome!), the question still remains about the physicality of what those performers do and how they do it.

Theater Review

Theater Review: Spamalot

Rated: B+.  It’s quite fun.

I was surprised at the number of parents who brought young children with them to the show.

I’m assuming that they didn’t remember that
the Monty Python series and movies have bad language, nudity, and occasionally questionable material not aimed at kids.

It might be easy to explain chorus lines of women in garter belts and bustiers; a bit harder to explain why there is an entire musical number aimed squarely at being gay (with sparkly codpieces on the cast), even more difficult to define what the word “twat” refers to, or what all those goatse-like hand gestures were. But I digress.