Disney Movie Review

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Rated PG-13 for swashbuckling violence.  And a little bit of a darker tone than the first two films.

Rating:  B+.  Good action, a handful of amusement.  Good all around wrapup of the stories (it’ll help if you remember the plotline for PotC 2)

Some quick thoughts, in no particular order:

  • yup, it probably could have been shortened by about 30 minutes.
  • Not as much “fun” as the first two movies were, but a hell of a lot more action packed.
  • Be prepared to be a little confused as to who’s who and the pirate deals being made left and right.  There’s so many going on between everybody that you almost need a scorecard to tell where the plot is heading
  • For me, there wasn’t enough Jack.  For others, there probably was too much. 
  • Comparing Jack in the three films, I’d break it down like this:�
    • 1 – best all around jack. 
    • 2 – silly jack aimed at the preschool movie audience, blech. 
    • 3 – philosophical and not as funny as he should be jack.
  • As with the first two films, be sure to stay through the end of the credits.

LOVED seeing the Ratatoiulle trailer on the big screen.  Watching it online does not do it justice.   That film is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it hits theaters later this year.