Movie Review

Movie Review: Knocked Up

Rated R for lots of nudity (both kinds – the good kind and the bad kind), language, adult situations, and all the other good fun stuff that you’d expect from the folks who did the 40-Year-Old Virgin.  Yup, the good ol’ R-rated comedies are back!

Rating:  B+

Tons of fun, lots of laughs through *almost* the entire movie.  If they didn’t stick in an hour of “let’s make a relationship” crap, then this movie would have been totally awesome.  You can literally play the game of “who’s that?” and pick out SNL cast members, 40YOV cast members, random funny people from other shows, etc.  And compared to Shrek, this one *did* have enough poop jokes. (the difference was that these poop jokes were funny.)  And if you loved the 80-year-old tits swinging in the breeze in There’s Something About Mary, you’re in for a treat with this one too.

Did I say it was funny?   It’ll be a good date movie.  Perhaps not a good *first* date movie, but a good date movie nonetheless.