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Movie Review: The Bucket List

Rated PG-13 for language and old person butt.

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This one is hard to tell which way it will go with audiences.

It predictably hits every single “things you should do before you die” movie cliche there is. The question is whether the audience will consist of old people who
want a good movie that they can relate to (ie no wizards or talking cars, and poop jokes that actually are related to the story as opposed to for
juvenile comedic effect), or if they would avoid a movie that is so up
front in talking about impending death for fear of being reminded of their
own upcoming events.

Nicholson is Nicholson. Freeman is Freeman. Neither actor is overly
inspired in their protrayals, but neither are they merely going through the
paces. You’ve seen both their schticks before, but there are subtleties in
their performances that do make these roles stick out just a little bit.

Did I enjoy it? Meh. It has some amusing sections but nothing that made
me really go “ha!”.  Did I hate it? No. It was just okay for me.

Others around me were crying their eyes out (understandable, based on the cliched plotline) and later said that it was really really good. It’s not really a
film aimed at the younger generation per se, but I don’t know how many
90-year-olds will enjoy it either.

I’ll give it a C+ for overusing the cliches, and a B for seeing Jack and Morgan play gin together and seeming to enjoy each others company.

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Now that I am used to checking out the website for movie reviews…I didn’t seem to see a review for Terminator. Now I am not super fond of the Terminator series…but I was hoping to read a review prior to seeing the movie this weekend (besides…my sweetpea…thinks I am so smart when I know more about the movie than he does). So help a girl out and get out there and see the movie before Saturday!!


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