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Quiz: Which Dewey Decimal System Category are YOU?

The library card catalog is an ancient system.

Remember back when you had to flip through drawer after drawer of cards, sorted by category, author, or title to figure out where on the shelf stacks the book you wanted might be, and then you had to run off to the stacks to find it?

Oh, the good old days of alphabetizing without a computer.

Do You Know Dewey?: Exploring the Dewey Decimal System
Do You Know Dewey?: Exploring the Dewey Decimal System

Book Funny

How about some old-timey erotic literature?

Today’s world is full of nostalgia.

Everywhere you look, people are yearning for “the good old days”, such as when kids could play in the woods all day without supervision. When you could eat undercooked meat or seafood without a care in the world.

And when writers were writers.  When books were, well, real BOOKS instead of this electronic crap.


10 Things Book

The Most Popular Books of All Time

Reading books will never be the same in today’s Internet age. Everybody wants things fast, fast and new, new.

But sometimes a book captures the world’s imagination, and everybody upon everybody feels the need to go out and buy it (or borrow it from the local library), curl up in a cozy sofa, and escape into a fantasy world.

Watership Down
Watership Down

Funny Travel Websites

Life in the air: Funny Airplane Pilot Stories

Not every office is as entertaining as others, but a job is only a job if you aren’t able to find some humor in it.

Some jobs lend themselves to storytelling more than others, and this is one story-filled website (and book!) that we’ve stumbled upon for your amusement.

4-Day Follies
4-Day Follies: A year in the life of an airplane pilot


100 Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes can be very motivating, self-empowering.

They can serve to drive you further in your career, help reset your personal vision, put you on the path to being better overall.


What’s the Best American Novel ever written?

It is summer, and summertime can only mean one thing: the dreaded SUMMER READING LIST.

Remember those? You would be given a list of super-boring books that you absolutely had to read over the carefree sunny days spread out before you, and everyone always did the exact same thing:  everyone waited until two days before school was back in session for the Fall and rushed out to the store to buy the Cliffs Notes versions.

Smart kids would have purchased the Cliffs Notes earlier in the summer, while inventory levels were high.  Pity the kids who rushed to the local bookstore only to find the dreaded SOLD OUT sign on the rack.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Case Studies in Critical Controversy)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
(Case Studies in Critical Controversy)

10 Things How To Websites

Be Unique: Give Your Child an Elvish Name

You’re a new parent.

You want to give your child an advantage in life by ensuring that they have a unique name.  You want them to stand out from the masses a bit, no “Tom”, “Dick”, or “Harry” here for you.

But with every other enterprising parent also figuring out that they want the same thing for THEIR child, what are you to do?

10 Things Book Websites

The 1800’s were a vulgar, obscene time in history

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Old Country (Germany, Italy, France, etc), you’ll be amazed at how history surrounds you at every turn when you do finally make it over there.

Everywhere you look will be some ancient building or piece of art, forever preserved for the never-ending crowds of ooh-ing and aahh-ing tourists.  Even just stepping out of the high-speed, modern train station in Venice is like stepping immediately into the 14th century (get to Venice while you can, before it sinks away into the sea forever – it’s worth the trip).