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The average American worker spends just 5.75 hours working each day

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Atomic Clock

Whatever happened to the 40-hour work week?  With each worker putting in a solid 9 hours a day (with an hour lunch break, off the clock)?

Well, it ends up that when an average American worker is at work, they spend just 5.75 hours a day actually working.

Here are some other facts about THE TIMELINE OF THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WORKER:

  • 8.91 hours sleeping
  • 1.16 hours eating and drinking
  • 3.63 hours hanging out and having fun

Things change if you’re a man, age 35-44:

  • 8.91 hours sleeping
  • 6.14 hours working
  • 4.32 hours goofing off

And if you’re a woman, age 35-44?

  • 9.33 hours sleeping
  • 3.76 hours working
  • 4.01 hours doing recreational stuff