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6 Government Agencies to Avoid Working For

Some say that the ideal job is one with the government. Not a lot of oversight, great (or at least reasonable) benefits, retirement is taken care of, relatively stress-free, etc.

In other words, once you have a job with the government, you’re pretty much set.

But there can be a downside to working for the Fed.

How to Get Work with the Federal Government
How to Get Work with the Federal Government

And that downside may be entirely dependent on WHICH GOVERNMENT AGENCY YOU WORK FOR.

In a survey of government workers about whether they enjoyed their jobs or not, some agencies fared better than others when it came to talking about which agencies have the highest job satisfaction amongst their employees.

Faring the worst in terms of their bosses and leadership:

  • Agriculture (specifically the Forest Service)
  • Homeland Security (specifically TSA)
  • Interior (specifically Bureau of Indian Affairs)
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Veteran Affairs (specifically VHA)
  • Voice of America

Agencies with higher satisfaction include:

  • NASA
  • Patent and Trademark Office

A lot of the issues detailed in the linked article¬†surrounded a lack of communication between bosses, management, and the lower-level workers — items that are not exclusive to government offices.