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Guess who was voted as having the worst hairstyle of the 21st century?

Some people are known for having a really nice head of hair.

It’s one of the first things you comment on when you see a co-worker with a new ‘do: “hey, did you get a haircut?” we ask, as if getting a hair cut is something that people don’t tend to do every 6-8 weeks or so (depending on the person, of course).

Why are we so fascinated with hair, either having it or being jealous of someone who has more (or less) than we do?

Rhianna: Unapologetic
Rhianna: Unapologetic

At least there’s some positive aspects about judging others on their choice of hair style — it usually makes us feel pretty good about our own folicular challenges.

Which is why we can be amused at the HAIR SURVEY BY FABRIAH, done with the intention to find the WORST CELEBRITY HAIR TRENDS of the 21st century.

Look, we know that there have been only 13 years so far, but judging from who made this list, there’s a pretty good chance that these folks would still be in the lead 70-some years from now.

With 20% of the vote, Rhianna took the number one slot of WORST HAIR EVER with her “Skrillex” look (shaving just one side of the head while leaving the other side long)

Some of the other celebrities on the list were:

  • David Beckham and his cornrows
  • Kelly Osbourne and her Mohawk
  • Christina Aguilera and dreadlocks
  • Russell Brand.  Like we need to explain his hair choice
  • Ditto, Nicki Minaj

Surprisingly, Justin Timberlake made the list… but we’ll cut him some slack.  He’s JT, right?