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Korean women are getting the most unusual hair transplants

Women overseas are almost always the first to try new fashion trends.  From France to Japan to Brazil – other countries are often at the forefront of what we’ll be seeing American women adopt in the upcoming months and years.

But do we think that Korea’s latest fashion trend will catch on?

Stop Smirking at my Merkin
Stop Smirking at my Merkin

How To

Want to look more attractive? Try running.

Everyone knows that exercise makes you feel good about yourself, as well as contributing to your overall fitness, making you look good in those spandex pants.

But does exercise have any benefit beyond just burning off calories?

Sexy Running Pants
Sexy Running Pants


First date hook-ups are uglier the next morning

Have you ever hooked up with your date on the first evening out?

You know how it is – the music’s right, the party was great, you’re feeling it.  Really feeling it…

so you decide to spend the night or invite them up for a nightcap.  One thing leads to another, and BAM!


The Awkward Years Project

Believe it or not, everybody growing up had at least one awkward moment that lives on in ancient photos stored in albums or shoeboxes hidden under a pile of clothes in the back of a closet.

If you think that everyone in school was absolutely perfect at everything – sports, tests, popularity – then your memory of high school is much fuzzier than everyone else’s has been.  THE BREAKFAST CLUB did sum it up perfectly in that everyone in school was, at one time or another “a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess”… and maybe a little bit of a criminal.



Are you too old to wear a belly button ring?

Are you still wearing your high school gym clothes in your office gym?

Hanging out in your fraternity or sorority sweatshirt while you sit around the Chuck E Cheese with the other parents at birthday parties?

Do you insist on wearing your 1992 Olympics t-shirt for anything fancier than taking out the trash at midnight when nobody can see you?

If so, you may have a CLOTHING AGE PROBLEM, where you’re unwilling to part with those cherised apparel memories of a well-spent youth.

White Scorpion Belly Button Piercing
Scorpion Belly Piercing

10 Things

The three worst hair styles ever made

People spend a lot of time and effort (and a little bit of money) on their hair.

Coloring, straightening, making brighter and shinier.  Waxing, shaving, adding extensions.  Figuring out how to stop losing it.

For many people (Jennifer Anniston?), hair is what defines who your are as a person.  Would Jennifer be less popular today if she didn’t inspire her own personalized hairstyle from being on FRIENDS?


How to Create the Perfect Cut, Shape, Color, and Perm for Any Hair Type: Secrets and Techniques from a Master Hair Stylist
How to Create the Perfect Cut, Shape, Color, and Perm for Any Hair Type:
Secrets and Techniques from a Master Hair Stylist

10 Things

Guess who was voted as having the worst hairstyle of the 21st century?

Some people are known for having a really nice head of hair.

It’s one of the first things you comment on when you see a co-worker with a new ‘do: “hey, did you get a haircut?” we ask, as if getting a hair cut is something that people don’t tend to do every 6-8 weeks or so (depending on the person, of course).

Why are we so fascinated with hair, either having it or being jealous of someone who has more (or less) than we do?


At what age do men look their best?

They say that people get better looking as they get older.

More specifically, men get “more distinguished” as they age, and women get more… well, old.

It’s an unfair comparison, but life can be cruel.

And mean.

And hurtful.

And truthful.